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Hoop Dance Your Fitness Workout

Charity Edwards Teaches a Hoop ClassThe Knoxville News Sentinel reports, “With the leaves and temperatures falling, you may be looking to move some of your workouts inside. You may also be looking for a change of pace. It might be time to try hoop dancing. … Charity Edwards of HoopBug.com teaches hoop dancing classes each week at Broadway Academy of Performing Arts. Hoop dancing is not just hula hooping, but a series of dance movements within the hula hoop that flow from one to the next. Anyone can participate in hoop dancing although most of Edwards’ participants are between 17 and 60. Edwards indicates that many adults are tapping into the childlike sense that comes from hoop dancing and that it de-stresses a busy life. ‘I teach hoop dance as a movement meditation,’ she said. Hoop dancing has helped to build her self-esteem and has allowed to get back to her pre-pregnancy body.” Full story: Knoxville News Sentinel