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Fire Hooping at Burning Man with MythMaker


MythMaker burns it up with fire hoops at Burning Man 2014 in Black Rock City, Nevada, USA. From left to right we have Laurel Collins, Amy Blaze, Adreann Lamoureux, Cicada Corazon, Sasha P, Hel SouthBohemian, Alyssa Elizabeth and Kipper Christopher…

Passion and Performance Hoop Beginners Spin Country

Hooperfit We love it when hoopers come together and spin up some choreography together, maybe even more when it’s got home grown country flavor. Passion and Performance’s Fourth Annual Spring Showcase 2014 features several hoop dancers from their “Hoop Dance Basics” class taking the stage and spinning it up. Choreography for this performance was done by Meg McCormick of Hooperfit and the soundtrack for this is “Broke Record” by Eric Church. Y’all can be sure to grab yourselves a copy of it too over on iTunes. They’re from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.