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How To Calculate Your Hula Hoop Tubing Amount

GwendolynGenevieveGorham In honor of an epic Pi Day that happened this weekend, Gwendolyn Genevieve Gorham, otherwise known as The Spinning Dancer showed us a quick and easy way to calculate how much tubing is needed to make a custom-sized hula hoop. She brought us this tutorial to celebrate a momentous occasion that only happens once every millennium, where the month, day and year are the beginning numbers of the mathematical constant 3.1415… She lives in British Columbia, Canada, and the soundtrack here is called “Pi” by Hard ‘n Phirm, and you can find a copy of it for your very own over on iTunes. Gwendolyn was hooping.org’s 1st place winner of our most recent Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge 2015.

The Hooping Highway Flagger

The Hooping Highway Flagger If you’re traveling the great highways of Canada and you find yourself faced with a delay due to a little road construction, keep your eyes on the flagger. You never know what they might be up to. In fact, you might just run across the hooping highway flagger here that was spotted somewhere in British Columbia. Entertaining waiting motorists with her hoop dance, she was able to spin some joy into something often seen as an aggravation. In fact, our videographers claimed it was a “welcome break from the miles”. Hooping.org salutes all hooping highway flaggers everywhere.

Alex Wells Hoop Dances at TEDxVancouver

alexwellstedx Award winning aboriginal hoop dancer Alex Wells of the Lil’Wat Nation performs an aboriginal hoop dance on stage at TedxVancouver. While a drummer keeps the beat with traditional music, Alex dances, keeping time with his feet as his hands expertly manipulates his hoops into intricate arrangements depicting various designs, shapes, and animals. Alex is currently living in Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada, and the soundtrack for this is live music.

The Off Body Door Hinge with Leah Shoemaker

LeahShoemaker2 Leah Shoemaker of LeahShoemaker.com is here bringing us a beginner hooping tutorial and she’s teaching all of us how to do a move she likes to call the “Off Body Door Hinge” along with some “Leg Raises” so give these moves a spin. Leah’s making her hooping.org debut here and she breaks down these moves with superb instruction in a beautiful natural setting. Leah also wants to remind us all of something too. She says, “Remember hooping takes practice – the best hooper is the one having the most fun.” She lives in Invermere, British Columbia, Canada.

Hula Hooping with Stephen and Helen Wells

Stephen Wells and Wife hooping Get your cowboy hats and hula hoops ready to spin it up with Stephen Wells and his equally hooptastic wife Helen! These two look like they’d be a blast to hoop with, but we’ll have to settle for this video of their living room hoop jam for the time being. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did! The hoopy couple lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, and the soundtrack here is “Never Ever (All Star Remix)” by All Saints and you can get your own copy of it over on iTunes.

Passion and Performance Hoop Beginners Spin Country

Hooperfit We love it when hoopers come together and spin up some choreography together, maybe even more when it’s got home grown country flavor. Passion and Performance’s Fourth Annual Spring Showcase 2014 features several hoop dancers from their “Hoop Dance Basics” class taking the stage and spinning it up. Choreography for this performance was done by Meg McCormick of Hooperfit and the soundtrack for this is “Broke Record” by Eric Church. Y’all can be sure to grab yourselves a copy of it too over on iTunes. They’re from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.