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Asaya Allard hooping

LED Hooping with Asaya Allard

Asaya Allard has a blast spinning her hoops on the streets of Vancouver and the light from her LED hoops shines bright against the sky at dusk. This video was filmed by Mikah Sharkey....

Lindsay Lanthier

Chest Hooping with Lindsay Lanthier

It’s “Hoop Day” instead of “Hump Day” and Lindsay Lanthier of From Meow to Yeow is here to teach us all about chest hooping. “Here’s where I give you some helpful tips on hoop...

Courtney McCormick

Courtney Mccormick

Courtney Mccormick is airborne in this great hooping shot by Alison Paananen. You probably remember Courtney from Hooping Idol 3 earlier this year. She lives in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada.

Melodie Lamoureux

Melodie Lamoureux: Hooping Around the World

Melodie Lamoureux has been traveling the world thanks to her hula hoop gig on Celebrity Cruises. She says, “Hooping around the world is a project I started six months ago. Instead of collecting souvenirs,...

Jenny Hoopnosis Underwater Hooping

Jenny Hoopnosis: Hooping Underwater

Jenny Hoopnosis of Hoopnosis Hula Hoop Dance takes a spin underwater with her hoop in this gorgeous photo by Eiko Jones, a local underwater photographer. She lives in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada.

Matthew Branieu Hula Hooping

Matthew Branieu

Matthew Branieu likes to shake it. Matthew Branieu likes to get a little funky in the park, a park that proudly displays the beautiful reds and golds of Autumn. Matthew Branieu likes to have...

Shane Philip Sacred FEAT

Shane Philip: Sacred

Shane Philip has been putting his own spin on music for years, so it isn’t too surprising that his new music video for the song “Sacred” is spinning it up as well, literally. Shane...

Hula Hoop Flash Mob

Hooping Flash Mob Spins Victoria

Flash mobs have been popping up all over the world for the past few years, but here’s a video of one with hoops! Featuring hoopers of all ages, young and old join forces to catch...

teddy anderson

Hoop Dancer Teddy Anderson

Traditional hoop dancer Teddy Anderson has traveled to over 17 different countries sharing his hoop skills and spreading a message of peace. In this video, he puts a modern twist on traditional hoop dance and uses...

Osoyoo Hoops

Osoyoos Welcomes You With Hooping

Sadie Spins of Well Rounded Hoops recently visited Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada, the dryest and warmest spot in Canada that is also well known for it’s vineyards and what did she find greeting her...