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HULA: Vancouver’s Hip Urban Hooping Playground

Vancouver HULA! Something really incredible is happening for hoopers this month in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and while other cities have been closing down city streets for people to enjoy biking and walking and playing in general, taking back a stretch of road to spin up a temporary urban park, Vancouver is the first city we’ve heard of to do it specifically for hooping. Vancouverites have the opportunity to experience hooping this month in a way that few will ever get the chance to, spinning things up in the middle of Granville Street, a popular and very busy thoroughfare. It’s all part of creating HULA! – a very cool and very hip urban hula hoop playground.

Vancouver HULA! It’s not simply a matter of closing down a street for hoopers either. It’s more than that. Designed by architectural graduates Byron Chiang and Zhaleh Moulaei, and working with the help of the structural engineering consulting firm, Bevan-Pritchard Man, they’ve built a lightweight pavilion made with 200 hula hoops. The hoops are painstakingly arranged to create an inviting space for people to give hooping a spin. VIVA Vancouver and the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association are behind the awesome temporary installations.

Vancouver HULA!

The free events that are taking place this month in downtown Vancouver are bringing together urban space and body, social interaction and excitement. Passersby are encouraged to hoop with one of the loose fruitful hoops on the ground and in case you’ve missed the earlier opportunity in front of Pacific Centre Mall on Granville Street, you can still check it out this coming weekend on August 25th at the same location between 10:00am and 6:00pm. VIVA Vancouver began in 2010 as a City of Vancouver initiative to transform streets into vibrant public spaces. The complete city calendar is available here.

Jenny Hoopnosis: Storm Hooping

Storm Hooping While we’ve seen Jenny Hoopnosis and others hooping in the snow, we haven’t seen her like this. In this beautiful video a storm approaches and Jenny takes to the coast with her hoop to spin it in. Inspired by the amazing winds and rains the earth shows us sometimes, Jenny felt provoked to embrace them, to move herself in the strong storm winds. Jenny explains, “Hooping today in the storm was very challenging. The hoops wanted to fly and whip at me. It was very hard to hold the hoops while spinning them. They had a life of their own. Trey said the camera was hard to hold in the wind as well.” The video starts off slow and thoughtful, so hang in there awhile or you’ll wind up missing out. Jenny lives in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. Soundtrack: “Lost” by Neutralize and it’s available on Soundcloud. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.

Jessica Girard: It’s Too Late or Love

Jessica Girard When the music hits us we sometimes can’t help but move to it. Sometimes we just have to grab our hoops and hoop to it too – Which is just what Jessica Girard ended up doing right here. “Sometimes you just hear a song and you can’t help but pick up your hoop,” she explains, and we not only totally understand, we experience it ourselves, all the time. Jessica lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The soundtrack for this video is called “It’s Too Late” and it’s by Wild Belle, which you can grab for yourself and download on iTunes.

VestaFire Entertainment and Andre Nobels

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 2.15.59 PMKarina Strong spins up a diverse and inspiring performance as she dances to Andre Nobels, playing his original song “Oh Hallelujah”. She shows her versatility using multiple hoops throughout the performance, weaving twins with fluidity and grace as she sets the stage in this wonderful hoop dance.  As the piece continues she also transitions into gorgeous Native American hoop dance inspired formations using a number of hoops with ease. This is truly a performance not to be missed. Karina is a member of VestaFire an entertainment troupe of circus, magic, dance, fire and costumes based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Winter Medicine Hoop

Cookie Hoops Jen “Cookie” Cookson of Cookie Hoops and Medicine Hoop Retreats ventures out into the snow for an afternoon filled with hooping and healing in this awesomely serene video called “Winter Medicine Hoop”. She explains that there was “lots of slipping, flying hoops and snow – and a big hoop hug to everyone!” Watching Cookie hoop you can feel that love too. She lives in Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada. The soundtrack is “Prelude (Lapalux’s Finger On the Tape Remix)” and it’s by Bonobo – and it’s available for purchase on iTunes.

Campbell River Ready For World Hoop Day

World Hoop Day in Campbell River Jenny “Hoopnosis” Koropecki has World Hoop Day all spun up for Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. The event, held at the Quinsam Community Centre, has two DJS, performances and more. “Campbell River is the only registered community on Vancouver Island that is hosting a World Hoop Day event,” Jenny told Midweek. “Cities all over the world, like Vancouver, will be hosting a World Hoop Day with the goal to bring positive health and joy to less fortunate children.” 100 per cent of the proceeds from the Campbell River event are going to World Hoop Day to get hoops into the hands of kids around the world. Jenny started teaching hoop dance four years ago and has wanted to bring a World Hoop Day celebration to Campbell River since day one and this year it’s not only happening, she spun it up right. Performers include Tracey Hoopla, Karina Strong, Spin Jinny and Jenny Hoopnosis herself. Jenny explained, “Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy. There will be no chairs or tables, just wide open space to hula hoop the entire time.” World Hoop Day this year is 12/12/12. Campbell River’s celebration is happening on December 2nd.

Cora Schiller Hoops It Up in Qualicum Beach

Cora Schiller Cora Schiller of Shasta Hoop Fitness is bringing hooping to Qualicum Beach and the surrounding areas in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Cora tells the Cowichan News Leader about her hoop journey, which began four and a half years ago. She says, “I’ve always been into dancing and doing movement things and it’s taken over my life.” Now she’s traveling all over the world to attend hoop gatherings in the United States and Bali. She also teaches classes in Fuller Lake. She says that she loves teaching hoop technique to her students. “It’s a full-body workout. It’s one of the few sports that uses your left and right brain. It really wakes up people outside of hooping classes.” Although hooping has health benefits, there’s more to it than this. “It’s not just the benefits of getting toned. Getting people into hooping has been really exciting to me. It can be really mind, body, spirit. You have to get out of your head to hoop.”