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HULA: Vancouver’s Hip Urban Hooping Playground

Vancouver HULA! FEAT

Something really incredible is happening for hoopers this month in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and while other cities have been closing down city streets for people to enjoy biking and walking and playing in general, taking back a stretch of…

Jenny Hoopnosis

Jenny Hoopnosis

Jenny Hoopnosis of Hoopnosis Hula Hoop Dance spins it up at the Vancouver Island Music Festival in Comox Valley, British Columbia. She lives in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. Photo by Sarah Kerr Photography from this photo set.

Sunset Hooping on Isla Holbox

Jen “Cookie” Cookson of Cookie Hoops and Medicine Hoop Retreats shines in this beautiful shot taken on Isla Holbox in Mexico with some live drumming melting the sunset. Photo by her partner Noah. She lives in Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada.…

Bass Coast Hooping

She’s spinning it up at the Bass Coast Electronic Music & Arts Festival in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. Photo by Jeff Willard. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.

Jenny Hoopnosis: Storm Hooping

While we’ve seen Jenny Hoopnosis and others hooping in the snow, we haven’t seen her like this. In this beautiful video a storm approaches and Jenny takes to the coast with her hoop to spin it in. Inspired by the…

VestaFire Entertainment and Andre Nobels

Karina Strong spins up a diverse and inspiring performance as she dances to Andre Nobels, playing his original song “Oh Hallelujah”. She shows her versatility using multiple hoops throughout the performance, weaving twins with fluidity and grace as she sets…

Winter Medicine Hoop

Jen “Cookie” Cookson of Cookie Hoops and Medicine Hoop Retreats ventures out into the snow for an afternoon filled with hooping and healing in this awesomely serene video called “Winter Medicine Hoop”. She explains that there was “lots of slipping,…

Campbell River Ready For World Hoop Day

World Hoop Day in Campbell River

Jenny “Hoopnosis” Koropecki has World Hoop Day all spun up for Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. The event, held at the Quinsam Community Centre, has two DJS, performances and more. “Campbell River is the only registered community on Vancouver Island…