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kim foss

Vita In Motu Hooping with Kim Foss

“Your mind will be like its habitual thoughts. For the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” So quotes Kim Foss in her new hooping video demonstrating her wide range of skills....


Rager Rabbit Hooping at Farm Fest 2014

Rager Rabbit of Rager Rabbit Hoops cultivates some hoop love at Farm Fest 2014 in Vernon, New Jersey. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Photo by Kathryn Rose Korcz of Faces of Festivals.


Hooping it up with Jenn Worroll

Jenn Worroll spins it up with fast paced flow and lights up the world with her LED hoop and her amazing smile. Her effortless body roll variations and escalators included here a real treat,...

Jenn Worroll Hula Hooping

Ninja Foot Hooping

Jenn Worroll spins up some ninja foot hooping in this great shot. She lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Photo by Dan Esposito.

Lizzie Tilles hooping

Hoop Trek at Dusk with Lizzie Tilles

Come on a hoop trek at dusk with hoop dancer Lizzie Tilles and her illuminating LED hoop as she gets her glow on atop some gorgeous mountains. The video was filmed and produced by Ben Tilles,...


All is LOVE! at Figment New York

We absolutely adore this “All is LOVE” group performance led by Bex Burton of Sense of Motion. It features forty New York City hoopers and some special guest stars. Performed at Figment New York...

Brooke Null

Brooke Null

Brooke Null of Hooped spins her twins against a gorgeous sunset! She lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Photo by Hoopologie Photography.

Bex Burton

Bex Burton: I Like You

Bex “THE BEX” Burton of Sense of Motion is back on her feet in this new practice video featuring snippets from her first home hoop session since spraining her ankle nine weeks ago.  Getting...

Jenn Worroll

Jenn Worroll

Could this photo of Jenn Worroll hooping be any more gorgeous? Wow! She lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Photo by Chad Forsberg.

Chad Forsberg

Chad Forsberg: Treasure

There’s one thing almost guaranteed to happen when hoopers dedicate themselves to their art, they are going to develop their own unique and identifiable style. Chad Forsberg has most definitely accomplished this as there’s...

Brooke Null

Brooke Null

Brooke Null of Hooped spins it up in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Photo by Melinda Rider of Hoopologie.

Road Trip Hooping

Road Trip Hooping

Do you ever just want to grab your hoops and throw ‘em in the backseat of the car and hit the road for a hooping road trip adventure? Brooke Null of Boulder Hooped and...