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Hula Hooping as an Act of Bravery

Amy Sullivan Hula Hooping Amy Young lives in China. Whe was at the beach recently with her nieces when they spotted a woman named Mary hooping it up. The girls asked Aunt Amy if they could give a hoop a spin and given that asking perfect strangers if you can join them can be awkward, Amy inquired on their behalf. It turned out Mary had brought many hoops for a reason – so she would have some to share. As the girls began to hoop it up, Mary turned the focus back to Amy. Amy writes, “Mary turned to me as she had a hula hoop going around her legs and said, ‘You should try it too, these hula hoops are actually weighted for adults.’ That may be, but I haven’t seriously hula-hooped in years. Oh let’s be honest, it’s been decades and the phrase ‘seriously hula hooped’ has never applied to me. I stood there smiling at the three of them as they spun and delighted. I would like to do that. As a so-called respectable adult, it’s tempting to listen to that voice that says, you will look like a fool. I am the kind of person that if I’m going to do something, I throw myself into it. I grabbed the brightest pink and orange hula hoop and gave it a try. In terms of brave actions, this will not go down in the annals of history. But in that moment I, like the girls, had a choice: was I going to be brave or was I going to let fear hold me back?” Read more at The Messy Middle.

Making Your Own Hula Hoop Chandelier

Hula Hoop Chandelier Got an old hoop laying around you’re not going to be doing anything with or one that you cut wrong that wasn’t the right size? Why not reuse, recycle and repurpose it and turn it into something useful – like making your own hula hoop chandelier? Sarah with an H writes, “I was so excited to make this. I wanted my Sun Porch to have ‘romantic’ lighting. The setting is romantic out there to begin with. There are woods in my backyard, crickets and birds singing. The sun sets behind the house and the breeze blows right through the whole area.” Her solution? A hula hoop chandelier. With a hoop in hand she then set out to score some romantic lace that she covered the hoop in and she also used as the hanging pieces as well. “The three rolls of lace were also a $1!!! SCORE! I had ‘icicle’ white lights in a Christmas bin in the basement so I pulled those out and also my hot glue gun. Wrapped the lights around the hula hoop and covered up the purple and pink hula hoop with the lace! Hung it and Wholla!!! A Magical Romantic Super Cute Hula Hoop Chandelier!!! YIPPEEEE!” More photos here.

If I Were Brave I’d Hula Hoop

Woman and young girl outside hula hooping Dory Bertsche blogs at If I Were Brave, “I don’t usually wake up the morning after a workout with a sore ear and a bruised waist. And yet that’s exactly what I did after my first hula hoop class. I’d heard that hula hooping builds core strength and gives you a good cardio workout. That may be true, but it appealed to me as something that would make me look ridiculous. I’ve never been able to hula hoop, not even as a child… But guess what? After 15 minutes of my hoop clattering to the floor, I got it! I even managed to hoop in both directions and figured out how to retrieve the hoop with my hips when it sank too low. These are major accomplishments, people. I can’t tell you how proud I was.” Full post: If I Were Brave

Divine Caroline: Hula Hooping For Everyone

Divine Caroline: Hula Hooping for Everyone

Divine Caroline

Victoria O’Donnell writes at Divine Caroline, “I love to hula hoop, it takes my mind off of whatever maybe bothering me or clouding my energy. I find that it can be a great workout and that I have slimmed down and toned up my legs and arms. My tummy is small and more toned now because of it. People of all ages hoop and it’s so much fun to teach little ones tricks. Since [hoops] come in all sizes and colors, there will be no problem in finding the right hoop for you. If you plan on learning more advanced tricks or maybe even going to a social hooping gathering look no further than, well, the internet.”

Another New Hooper Falls In Love

DaniDani in Richmond, Virginia, is a new hooper and she’s loving it. She writes, “I’ve been hooping A LOT and have come a long way in the month that I’ve been doing it. The class is helpful and fun… a nice uplifting mid-week thing to do. I hoop at home as much as I can, its kind of difficult in my apartment, but I make due. I think I’ve finally found something ‘hobby’-esque that I’m actually going to stick to. I LOVE HOOPING… I’m not necessarily that great at it, but it doesn’t matter. I had no idea when I started hooping that there was a philosophy to it as well, and it can be a very soothing and personal experience. Words can’t even describe the way I feel in my hoop!” We totally understand! Full post: Poppet In The City

Hula Hooping: Do You Pick Right Up Where You Left Off?

Jenny Leggings When you take a break from hooping, is the return “just like riding a bicycle” as they say? Apparently not. Over at “Adventures in the Juliet,” Michele has decided to pick up the hoop again that she’s been neglecting. “I finally picked up my hula hoop again. its been awhile, I’m a tad rusty. I started to record, but I kept getting pissed off because I can’t nail 2 tricks I used to be able to do. I kept trying to do it over and over, but I got upset and quit for today.” She lives in South Texas. Post includes video: Adventures in the Juliet. Meanwhile Jenny Leggings (pictured), over in Brighton, UK, writes, “I even did a spot of hula hooping in the bedroom today. It was awesome and made me realize how much I miss hula hooping. I think I’m going to have to get the old hoop out of retirement, its so much fun to do and I used to know how to do a few tricks which I will have to try and relearn. I’ll get Dan to take some photos of me and the hoop in action!!” We look forward to seeing them. Full post: Jenny Leggings