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World Hoop Dance Champion Tony Duncan: Living in the Circle

There’s no doubt that once you’ve begun hooping you start to notice that circles are everywhere. For Tony Duncan, five-time World Champion Hoop Dancer, his roots have taught him the sacredness of the circle, the hoop, and his dance. Duncan told the Indian Country Today Media Network, “The hoop teaches us many things, primarily, having respect for all of life and life’s creations. It teaches us about the different cycles of life, the changing seasons upon Mother Earth, as well as the seasons of our own lives. All of life dances in a circle and we’re all connected. It’s a very exciting yet spiritual dance, there’s nothing else like it.” Duncan, who has performed in a music video with Nelly Furtado, traveled worldwide, and appeared in such events as MTV Music Stage, the Billboard Music Awards, as well as on The Tonight Show, recognizes his role in helping to guide Native American youth who look up to him. He offers youth workshops focused on living a healthy lifestyle through hoop dancing. He tells the kids, “Dream big. You really can make your dreams a reality, if you stay on that good path. Whatever it is you love to do, do that. Practice, practice, practice!”