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Hooping, The Way of Nila

Nila Hoops

http://vimeo.com/86449958 Laura Caldés directed and filmed this wonderful documentary short film titled "Hooping, the way of Nila" starring hooper Nila Hoop. Originally from Belgium, she's currently working and traveling in Cambodia and sharing the hoop love each and every step of the way. Watch as she gives one of the best descriptions of the happiness…

Hoopy Holidays 2012

We hope your holidays are as happy and hoopy as Cherise Silvestri of Hoops and Champagne appears to be. She's wishing everyone Hoopy Holidays from Switzerland! Cherise dedicates this fun, holiday hoop dance to her Swiss grandfather Papa Boppart and this video truly embodies holiday cheer. It was filmed in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland and she…

Happy Halloween from Hoops and Champagne

We hope your Halloween was a happy one and so does Cherise Silvestri of Hoops and Champagne. Do you ever get that feeling someone is watching you? Cherise does. She lives in Antwerp, Belgium. Soundtrack: "Somebody's Watching Me (featuring Michael Jackson)" by Rockwell (on iTunes).

Plastic Bertrand: Hula Hoop

Our Friday Flashback this week spins us back to 1981. It's a clip from an episode of the "Domenica In" show on Italian television with host Pippo Baudo. And who is our special guest this week? It's none other than Plastic Bertrand, aka new wave prankster Roger Jouret, who is going to sing his single…

The Story of the Hula Hoop

This lovely video takes us down memory lane through the eyes of a woman fondly regaling her hoopy past. Directed by Pavel Dundas with cinematography by Christophe Vanhoutte, they live in Ghent, Belgium.

Annabel Carberry: A Glass of Red

Annabel Carberry performs "A Glass of Red" at the European Juggling Convention in Munich, Germany. Please note that it takes about a minute for her performance to start, so hang in there - it's well worth the wait. Originally from Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia, she currently lives in Brussels, Belgium. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.