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Monika Kolb is a hooping angel in this ethereal beach photo taken by Niko Duowes

Monika Kolb: Hooping Angel

Monika Kolb of MonikaKolb.de is truly a hooping angel in this ethereal beach photo taken during full moon on the beach in Portugal. She lives in Southern Germany. Photo by Niko Douwes.

Ashley Pintek

Hoop with Ashley Pintek

Prepare to be activated by Ashley Pintek’s movement piece that captures the fun, love and laughter of hooping on the beach in California. With her mesmerizing moves and beautiful setting, this video is truly...


Hooping It Up with Evelyn Mixon

Evelyn Mixon spins up a hoop dance in the surf at New Smyrna Beach in Florida. She says, “I love love love hooping, even at my age, soon to celebrate my 64th birthday.” Go...

Big Sur Hooping with Katie Emmitt

Big Sur Hooping with Katie Emmit

Katie Emmitt of Katie Emmitt: Visual and Performance Art amazes us with a radiant hoop dance video chock full of light. She says, “Went to the Julia Pfeiffer Beach and it was amazing! Highly...

Matylda Gie hooping

Ocean Flow with Matylda Gie

Summer may be ending soon, but it’s never too late to squeeze in one last beach video, or in Matylda Gie’s case, her very first hooping video ever. She’s been spinning it up for...

Harri Gunther Hooping

The Dream Catcher with Harriet Gunther

Hoop dancer Harriett Gunther, also know simply as Harri, really takes our breath away in this absolutely gorgeous hooping video filmed by Lunar Bear. Watch as she pretty much becomes one with nature, gracefully...

Venice Beach Hoopers

Hooping at Venice Beach

Grab your hoop and let’s head down to Venice Beach. There we’ll find Amelia Swaggert, Alyssa Morang-Pavlock, Corrie Novak, Melissa Sunshine Cook, Megan Davis, Heather-Leigh Logan and Rachel Evans spinning things up in style....