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Hooping Lights Up Uncle Larrys Chandelier

Uncle Larry Hula Hoops For Chandelier In the music video for “Chandelier” by Uncle Larry, the Milwaukee-based band spins up one awesome hooping video. In fact a hooping video is the premise for the music video itself. Billy Judge Baldus, the creative genius behind Uncle Larry, explains, “A girl plans to make a video of herself hooping that turns out to be more then she ever bargained for when her friends and even the local authorities make an uninvited appearance.” And with so many of us having lived some version of this story, to varying degrees, and with Baldus himself not only hooping in the video but delivering some pretty awesome moves, it became clear to us here at Hooping.org that Chandelier isn’t any ordinary music video with hoopers in it. It’s a music video by hoopers.

See what we mean? That’s why we had to sit down and talk with Uncle Larry and company to get the inside hoop scoop about how this all came down.