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Hooping Idol Goes Country

Hooping Idol Goes Country Welcome back to our second week of Hooping Idol everybody, our award winning contest that is leading us all on an ever spinning search in our quest to find the planet’s next big hooper star! Are you ready for some country hoopin’? You better be, because it’s Country Week on Hooping Idol! So grab a beer or some sweet tea and sit yourself on down for a spell. For those of you just tuning in, here’s what’s happened on Hooping Idol 3 so far. We met our 21 finalists for season three and 4 distinguished judges. The first challenge was 90s Dance Hits Week and five hoopers were sent home – which brings us to Country Week. With this week being Hooping Idol’s first time goin’ country, we reminded our finalists that with a theme as big as the state of Texas that anything was possible. We told them to think outside the box, to be creative, to let their imaginations run wild. They each chose a Country Music soundtrack and made a video for you to enjoy. They were once again reminded of our Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Hooping Video and to get their video turned in before the deadline. One Hooping Idol finalist failed to turn in a video this week as a result of a series of technological challenges and Lee Jeffries has been eliminated. Thanks for being a part of Hooping Idol 3 Lee and sorry you ran into problems. You will be missed.

Hooping Idol 3 Judges Panel

We’ve introduced you to our distinguished panel of judges. Seated at our table for Season 3 we have four amazing hoopers with incredible credentials: Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach of Hoop Revolution, Babz Robinson from Canada, Marawa The Amazing from the UK, and the incomparable Mat Plendl. They’ll be sharing their thoughts this season on what all of our finalists are up to. So without any further ado, YeeeeHaw! It’s Country Week y’all and we are proudly presenting our 15 Hooping Idol finalists below, in randomly selected order, and they all knocked our socks off this week so enjoy! Keep in mind the page is rather video heavy and may take some time to load. Thanks!

Hooping Tutorials: Christmas Wrap Combo

Babz Robinson Babz Robinson of Wild Girl Hoops serves up a slow motion tutorial on a body wrap that Sharna Rose created years ago. Why? She explains, “I don’t see enough people rock this move or at least the whole thing.” Shot at beautiful Lake O’Hara in the Canadian Rockies, it’s always a treat when we get to learn something with Babz. After all, she just won Hoopie Awards for Instructor of the Year and Tutorial of the Year. She lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, and the soundtrack is “Sonicturtle’s Coupe Decale” by Adham Shaikh and it’s available on iTunes.