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Tone Your Arms with Hooping: 3 Arm Toning Hula Hoop Moves

3ArmToningMoves You don’t need to pump iron to build up those biceps and triceps. All you need is your hoop and this fantastic instructional video will help you get those arms nice and toned. Donna Sparx of Hoop Sparx, otherwise known as Donna Gross, teaches us three hard working and fun moves, each targeting a certain a certain area of your arm: The Tricep Iso Rock, Bangin’ Biceps and the Z-Spin. Hooping is a great way to get yourself in shape! Donna lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hula Hooping With Jess Wilson

HulaHoopingWithJess Jess Wilson shows us her exceptional hooping talents with a beautiful mountain scene as her backdrop. The sunset views from a rocky ledge throughout the video are breathtaking. Marvelous video editing too from Jess Winton who made it all come together flawlessly. Jess Wilson lives in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, and the upbeat music is “Feelin’ Good” by Kalya Scintilla, and if you enjoyed this soundtrack you can get your very own copy of it on Soundcloud.

The Accordion Release with Donna Spark

donnasparxhulahoop Donna Sparx of Hoop Sparx, otherwise known as Donna Gross, makes her hooping.org debut today with a brand new tutorial that spins up some fun for hoopers at any level in their hoop journey. She’s here to teach us all how to do a move she likes to call “The Accordion Release” and though it is relatively simple in design, it pays off well in appearing to be a lot more difficult than it looks. Donna lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hula Hoop Barbies

Hula Hoop Barbies

Are you ready for some double trouble? These two hula hooping barbies have come to life and are ready to blow you away with their hooping prowess and charm. A little bit sassy, a little bit sexy, they’re a whole…