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Behind the Back Isolations with Donna Sparx

DonnaSparx Donna Sparx of Hoop Sparx, otherwise known as Donna Gross, is here with a brand new hooping tutorial that is great for hoopers at any level in their hooping journey. She is here to teach us how to do a behind the back isolation, and she takes us through a few variations of this move as well. You’re going to having a fantastic time learning this move, because it’s also a building block for several others, so why not give it a spin yourself? Donna lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The Sweep Fold Smear with Donna Sparx

Donna Sparx Are you feeling like learning something new? Good, because Donna Sparx of Hoop Sparx, otherwise known as Donna Gross, is here with a brand new tutorial that is great for hoopers at any level in their hooping journey. She’s here to teach us all how to do a move she likes to call the “Sweep Fold Smear” and we think a lot of you out there are going to have some fun learning this one. Give it a spin for yourself and enjoy! Donna lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Tone Your Arms with Hooping: 3 Arm Toning Hula Hoop Moves

3ArmToningMoves You don’t need to pump iron to build up those biceps and triceps. All you need is your hoop and this fantastic instructional video will help you get those arms nice and toned. Donna Sparx of Hoop Sparx, otherwise known as Donna Gross, teaches us three hard working and fun moves, each targeting a certain a certain area of your arm: The Tricep Iso Rock, Bangin’ Biceps and the Z-Spin. Hooping is a great way to get yourself in shape! Donna lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hula Hooping With Jess Wilson

HulaHoopingWithJess Jess Wilson shows us her exceptional hooping talents with a beautiful mountain scene as her backdrop. The sunset views from a rocky ledge throughout the video are breathtaking. Marvelous video editing too from Jess Winton who made it all come together flawlessly. Jess Wilson lives in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, and the upbeat music is “Feelin’ Good” by Kalya Scintilla, and if you enjoyed this soundtrack you can get your very own copy of it on Soundcloud.

Hooping to Infinity and Beyond As We Get Older

Hooping To Infinity

by Ingrid White

YouTube can be both a blessing and a curse. I see wonderful young hoopers spinning so gracefully. Tall and thin, part of me yearns to be like them. While there are times the striving does help me to practice, practice, practice – and that’s a good thing, part of me (mostly the part that looks in the mirror first thing in the morning) knows I’m trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. I will never be that young again, nor will I likely ever be that thin or that graceful. Time and tide are working against me and I have to accept it. While a hooper in his or her twenties can look forward to decades of blissful spinning ahead of them, at 53, how long can I keep going? 10 years, 20, more? And what can I do to keep myself strong and fit enough to hoop?

I went to some great hooping flow classes in Sydney and watched a few newbies (young, of course!) spin two hoops at the same time around their chest and waist effortlessly, while I, a woman who practices for an hour everyday, just couldn’t seem to figure it out. So I sat down and really thought about the problem. My head told me that a 52-year-old can’t have the same natural muscle strength as someone who is 20, so that was one factor. I’ve also had two children and I’ve always had a soft “tummy” too, so the factors were stacked against me. So what can we do to strengthen our weak area?

For those of us who are “softer” hoopers, particularly my fellow hoopers out there in our forties and beyond, I’m here to remind you that it’s never too late for us to enjoy exercise, especially when the exercise is as enjoyable as hooping. While I’ve always worked out in one way or another – swimming, bicycling, dancing – the day I discovered the hoop was a totally different feeling. Suddenly exercise at the end of a long day was something to look forward to, not a chore to get over because I wanted to stay fit. While quite a number of us weren’t born with the body of an athlete and have to work damn hard at keeping our fitness levels up, that doesn’t mean we can’t still do it. And hooping, especially around the waist, around our “core”, is especially important.

As part of my regular hoop practice I now incorporate some targeted hoop exercises to strengthen my body. I focus on one area of my body for a full song, then move on to another. My waist is the weakest area of my body for me personally, so I focus on that the most, but I also want to make sure I’m getting my whole body exercised so that I can keep hooping into old age. Someday I guess the hoop will stop and the wrinkles will keep on for a few turns more, but until then – what the hell! Let’s hoop!

Staying physically fit is the best way to help us avoid illness and to be full of energy well into old age too. As we get older our fitness needs change. There’s no need to be jumping up and down for hours at an aerobics class or spending hours at the gym or trying necessarily to keep up with the young ones. Keeping yourself physically fit as we get older is about maintenance and regularity rather than breaking records. I will spend a whole song just waist hooping in one direction, and another song just waist hooping in the reverse. I chest hoop, hoop on my feet, hands, legs. I do rollovers onto my stomach, and back over to my back, then up to a shoulder stand (where your body and legs are straight up in the air and you are supporting yourself on your shoulders and your arms are forming a triangle support at your back). Getting older may mean we can’t do everything, but you might be able to do a lot more than you think and the only way to know is to try. Shoulder stands, for example, are great for the legs and abs.

I am not trying to tell another hooper how to hoop necessarily, but encourage all of us to simply go for it – regardless of our age. Try new things like hooping with regularity for thirty minutes or more each day. Try it for a few weeks and see if you improve not only in your hooping, but in your overall wellness while strengthening your weaker areas. Just take it slow and if you feel any pain at all – stop. I usually get a stitch if I am getting too carried away – and that’s my signal to take a break. With some attention, maintenance and regularity we will help ensure that we are abile to hoop into infinity and beyond. Take time out each day for hooping and most importantly, have FUN!


Ingrid White Ingrid White discovered hooping and it has taken over her life. At 53-years-old she’s in the best shape she’s ever been in because of it too. Here’s to hooping at every age! Ingrid lives in Appin, New South Wales, Australia, and you can connect with her on Facebook.

The Accordion Release with Donna Spark

donnasparxhulahoop Donna Sparx of Hoop Sparx, otherwise known as Donna Gross, makes her hooping.org debut today with a brand new tutorial that spins up some fun for hoopers at any level in their hoop journey. She’s here to teach us all how to do a move she likes to call “The Accordion Release” and though it is relatively simple in design, it pays off well in appearing to be a lot more difficult than it looks. Donna lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hula Hoop Barbies

Hula Hoop Barbies Are you ready for some double trouble? These two hula hooping barbies have come to life and are ready to blow you away with their hooping prowess and charm. A little bit sassy, a little bit sexy, they’re a whole lot of fun and it’s just the kind of awesomeness we’ve come to expect from our friends down under. A performance promo from Hoo-la-la combining circus hooping and a little rhythmic gymnastics, our Barbie girls are Hanne Grant and Olivia Watts and they live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The soundtrack that they’re hooping to is “Vogue” by Madonna and you can score a copy of it for yourself too on iTunes.

Miss La-Tonya: Beijing Hula Hoop Adventures

Latonya Wigginton in Beijing It’s been said before that the best way to show what you do and where you are is to grab a hoop, get the cameras and a favorite song and show it. In this wonderfully feel good video about “acting your age”, Miss La-Tonya, aka Latonya Wigginton, brings her hoop joy to the streets of Beijing! She lights up the night with some super sweet LED hooping and lights the smiles of passersby as she successfully encourages them to come and play too, which, judging by the smiles on their faces, was indeed a definite success. You can clearly see kids of all ages having an absolute blast. Video credit goes to Manuela Bockstaele, who really has captured just what hoopin’ happiness looks and feels like. Latonya lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and her soundtrack here is “Act Yr Age” by Bluejuice, which seems to not be available in a lot of countries, but you can always hear on Soundcloud.

How I Eat Chocolate Everyday and Stay in Shape

Deanne Love chocolate work out Deanne Love of Hoop Lovers proclaims to be a choco-holic and eats chocolate every single day, sometimes even for breakfast! But, never fear, she goes on to show you how she burns all those brownie calories away, turning them into stong abs thanks to an awesome hula hooping core workout. What perfect timing with the holidays just around the corner and all the yummy foods that will be festively place around our tables and offices, right? Keep this one handy and bookmarked for easy reference and go ahead and enjoy a few holiday treats. Deanne Love lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.