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Hula Hoop Flash Mob at Viva la Gong

Hoop Flash MobAnother hula hoop flash mob occurred this past weekend, this time between performances at the 2013 Viva la Gong Festival in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Louise London told us the mob was created by Heidi Hillier and had participants of all levels from Circus Wow, Circus Nonoxide and a few schools and classes in the area. With about 50 hoopers total of all backgrounds and ages, the longer you watch what transpires, the more hoopers you see that just keep showing up. The annual festival is Wollongong’s way of celebrating it’s creative spirit and cultural diversity, so naturally this hoop flash mob fit right in! Their performance soundtrack includes an array of hits of yesteryear.

Abby Taylor on Australia’s ABC Open

Abby Taylor Even though Abby Taylor is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, she’s all about staying on the move! In fact, these days the best place to find her is down under. After moving to Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, eighteen months ago to become a nanny, the second most populated inland city with only 157,000 residents, Abby created both a foldable hula hoop and bicycle so she can get around town and hoop pretty much everywhere that she goes. Abby exclaims, “I’ve got instant dance, instant music, and instant mobility.” It’s the mobility that she needs these days too being someone who isn’t used to staying put. She told ABC, that eighteen months “might not sound long, but for someone who hasn’t lived in any place for more than five months in the last five years it’s kind of a big deal!”

Abby’s hooping resulted in her spinning into the orbit of ABC Open as well, a project of the Australian Broadcasting Company of Southern Queensland that showcases individuals telling viewers about hobbies and projects they are personally passionate about. With an eye for the “wacky”and interesting, it wasn’t too surprising that there was interest in her love of the circle. In her short ABC Open interview piece she really tells people about the joy of hooping and why she fell in love with it. “In Toowoomba I’m probably one of the only ones who does it. In other places in the world it’s more usual, but there is a bunch of aspiring circus kids in town who are practicing hooping.” Abby says she loves the freedom and artistic expression that comes with hooping, even though her current city of residence is a little slower-paced than she’s used to. “There’s nobody on the streets after 6pm!” she laughs. The music she’s hooping to, for those who are interested, is called “Dancehall Queen” by Sampology featuring DJ Butcher and Beenie Man, and you can get a copy of it for yourself on iTunes.

Lisa Goldsworthy

Lisa Goldsworthy Lisa Goldsworthy may only be practicing her “traditional style hula routine” that showcasese her single, double, and multi-hooping abilities, but she sure makes it look spectacular for a “first draft”! Lisa puts on a great performance while facing the crowd a majority of the time, which is no easy feat. We all know it’s immensely easier to accomplish tricks with the help of spinning our bodies while hooping and you won’t be seeing much of that. As an apparent gymnast, she puts on an aesthetically pleasing display filled with acrobatics and innovative moves. Lisa lives in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, and the soundtrack for her routine is “Heaven” by DJ Sammy, which you can find quite easily on iTunes.

Soul Hula

Soul Hula Shahnoor Hoops, otherwise known as Shahnoor Skrzypkowiak-Healy, and her Soul Hula partner in crime Katie Rose Robertson, serve us up a tasty selection of hoop moves in their new demo reel. From delicious weaves and breaks to leg and ground hooping, and everything in between, while the gorgeous Western Australian skies bathe them in light, our dynamic duo spin up a demo that’s not only delectable, it’s good for the soul. Filmed and edited by Laren Weye, Shahnoor and Katie both live in Perth, Western Australia, Australia, and their soundtrack for this is the dance floor classic “Freestyler” by Bomfunk MC’s. While it doesn’t seem to be available digitally you can get the cd on Amazon.

Shiho Sparkle Hooper

Shiho Sparkle Hooper ☆★☆Welcome to Happy Hoopy Life☆★☆!! Shiho Sparkle Hooper of ShihoSparkleHooper.com is a world traveller and she’s passionate about hoop dance and this is her new demo video and it not only sparkles, it rocks! Shiho dreams about spreading the joy of hoop dance and sharing the happiness and excitement of sparkle time with everyone around the world. She learned to hoop dance on the Peace Boat in 2010 and since then she has been hooping around the world, even in Antarctica with penguins! Originally from Osaka, Japan, Shiho Sparkle Hooper is currently living in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and this video was filmed by Maxwell Sadowski at TMA.

Danie Evans

Danie Evans

While the hoopers in the northern hemisphere are hooping in the sun, down in Thredbo, New South Wales, Australia, Danie Evans is doing a little hoop skiing in the snow. She lives in Sydney, Australia, and the photo was taken by her father.

Twin Hoops 101

deanne twins Deanne Love of HoopLovers is here with a tutorial for those of you just starting out with twin hoops. It’s very common for hoopers who are new to twins to wonder what they can do with their hoops before they have perfected a lot of fancy double hoop tricks. Deanne wants to show you that by keeping it simple, you can incorporate some of the off body moves you already know how to do with your single hoop into double hooping. It still might take a little bit of that “patting your head while rubbing your belly” concentration at first, but this is a great introduction to twin hooping that will get your mind and body used to working with two hoops at the same time. Deanne lives in Melboune, Victoria, Australia.

Coral Jade: Portrait of a Hooper

Coral JadeWhen you live in a society that is constantly telling us that we need to conform, that we need to work somewhere we’re not overly fond of working, and that we need to do this until the day we retire, it can be refreshing and inspiring to hear the stories of those who are bucking what is considered “normal” and have decided instead to do what they love. In this Rhett Dashwood produced video, Coral Jade shares her decision to make hooping her career, as well as some of her amazing hoop skills, making it pretty clear that that if anyone is suited for a life inside the circle, she is. Coral lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and the music used for this is “I Wish I Was a DJ” by RME (Rimie) which you can download on Soundcloud.

Vivid Sydney Hoopers

Vivid Sydney Sydney hoopers took their LED hoops down in front of the beautiful Opera House and Harbour Bridge to spin things up at Vivid Sydney, an event that transforms the city into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas – including the hugely popular immersive light installations and projections. Phoebe Rapp, Karina Hickey, Shiho Sparkle Hooper, Maria Alfaro, Danie Evans and Jewelz Hanssens light up the night as the city lights up and the video is actually part of Karina Hularina’s upcoming “Hooping Around the World” project, the Sydney edition. They live in Sydney, Australia, and the soundtrack for this is “Oblivion” by Grimes and it’s available on iTunes.

Hooping Through The Storm

Shanoor HoopsHooping through the storm and soaking up pure joy, connecting with herself through the environment, Shahnoor Hoops of Soul Hula isn’t letting the rain slow her down. In fact, she’s hooping with a rainbow! You might remember her from our first season of Hooping Idol and she’s got some serious moves in this that shine like the sun. She comes to us from Fremantle (near Perth), Western Australia, Australia, where currently the season is turning to fall. The soundtrack for this is “Water and Power” by the Cold War Kids and you can get it on iTuness.