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Gold Feather

Arvolyn Hill Arvolyn “Gold Feather” Hill, who blogs over here, is mourning the first snow of the season and the end of hooping outside by posting a hoop session from warmer days earlier this year. We love her awesome energy and you can really feel her love of hoop dance shining through in her happy smiles! Arvolyn currently lives in from Kent, Connecticut, USA, and the soundtrack that she’s joyfully spinning to is “Latch” by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith and you can grab a copy of your very own on iTunes.

Get Free

Arvolyn Hill of Gold Feather lost her dog of fourteen years this past weekend. “It’s so hard losing a furry companion, especially one as awesome as Quincey. He used to watch me hula hoop all the time. I miss his presence and energy. I truly believe hooping is a way to heal from pain or loss.” We do too Arvolyn. So sorry for your loss. She lives in Kent, Connecticut, USA. Soundtrack: “Get Free” by Major Lazer and Amber from Dirty Projectors (on iTunes).

Hoop Happy

Arvolyn Hill of Gold Feather feels like she has opened up a new door with her hooping where she is starting to finally be able to fully let herself go and get lost in the hoop and music. She says, “Dare I say, I may have found my flow!” And beautifully happy flow it is. She lives in Kent, Connecticut, USA. Soundtrack: “Jasmine” by Jai Paul (on iTunes). A Hooping.org Video of the Day.