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Hula Hoop Holiday Wreath Making

hula hoop wreath ornament You may remember some of our previous hula hoop craft projects including a holiday wreath with tree branches and a holiday wreath of faux wrapped gifts. This year, we have an even shinier holiday wreath for you, courtesy of Stephanie at cre8ive designs: a holiday wreath made of Christmas ornaments. The concept is similar to the other holiday wreaths we have featured here at hooping.org – use your hula hoop as a base and then attach your bauble of choice. All you need are hoops, craft wire, hoop tape (electrical tape or glitter tape for some extra pizazz), and lots of ornaments. Stephanie used a 29″ hoop and ended up with 164 ornaments on her wreath. Use non-glass ornaments to prevent breakage! Thanks to good old fashioned trial and error there are lots of tips provided that will save you valuable time and resources, so what are you waiting for? Grab an old hoop or two and deck the halls with a shiny holiday hula hoop wreath!

Make a Ribbon Chandelier with Your Hula Hoop

ribbon chandelier We at hooping.org believe that there are many ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle your old hoops. As much as we encourage you to share your hoop love by passing those beloved hoops to others, we still end up with extra hoops. So what’s a hooper to do, you ask? Try your hand at another DIY project! You may remember our post from earlier this year about making a hula hoop chandelier with just a few rolls of lace and some icicle lights. Now we have another version for you to try. This one uses ribbons instead of lights so there’s no need to hang it near an outlet!

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn inspiration

Courtney at Between U and Me wanted to make something similar to a $70 ribbon mobile she saw at Pottery Barn Teen. Using this photo as inspiration, she gathered two hoops (one large, one small), fishing line, a hot glue gun and lots of pretty ribbon. She cut the ribbon into even lengths and glued them to the hoops. She then tied four strands of fishing line to each hoop and knotted all eight strands together at the top. Voilà! This project has endless possibilities too. You can vary the ribbon colors and widths, alternate ribbon lengths, move the ribbons closer together or farther apart – your imagination is the only limit to personalizing your very own ribbon chandelier! And Thanksgiving weekend is a perfect time for a craft project like this. Maybe use a little red and green to get you in the holiday spirit? See more photos here.

Make a Hula Hoop Rug

hoop rug You may remember when we told you how to make a rug using your hula hoop last year. Now the Once Upon a Family blog has some tips to improve upon the original Disney Family Fun instructions as well as helpful step by step photos. If you still haven’t tried this DIY craft project, autumn is the perfect time to clean out your drawers and use some old t-shirts to make a nice soft rug. And hoopers have an advantage when making this project: lots of different sized hoops lying around the house. Surely there’s one you don’t use much anymore so repurpose it. You can make your rug as big or as small as you like (translation: you can outfit your house with small potholders and trivets using your minis, medium sized bathmats with your off body hoop, or large floor rugs with your body rocker). Who else wants to get crafty this weekend?

Making Your Own Hula Hoop Chandelier

Hula Hoop Chandelier Got an old hoop laying around you’re not going to be doing anything with or one that you cut wrong that wasn’t the right size? Why not reuse, recycle and repurpose it and turn it into something useful – like making your own hula hoop chandelier? Sarah with an H writes, “I was so excited to make this. I wanted my Sun Porch to have ‘romantic’ lighting. The setting is romantic out there to begin with. There are woods in my backyard, crickets and birds singing. The sun sets behind the house and the breeze blows right through the whole area.” Her solution? A hula hoop chandelier. With a hoop in hand she then set out to score some romantic lace that she covered the hoop in and she also used as the hanging pieces as well. “The three rolls of lace were also a $1!!! SCORE! I had ‘icicle’ white lights in a Christmas bin in the basement so I pulled those out and also my hot glue gun. Wrapped the lights around the hula hoop and covered up the purple and pink hula hoop with the lace! Hung it and Wholla!!! A Magical Romantic Super Cute Hula Hoop Chandelier!!! YIPPEEEE!” More photos here.