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Donaghy Sisters Hula Hoop

Arizona Hooping with Caitlin and Erin Donaghy

When the Donaghy sisters take a road trip, they always take their hoops with them. Caitlin Donaghy of Caitlin Loves Hoops and her sister Erin Donaghy recently took a trip to the great state...


Bailey Wheeler

Bailey Wheeler spins it up in Sedona, Arizona, USA. She lives in Lafayette, Indiana, USA. Photo by by Cadencia Photography.

Sunday Hoop Lovefest

Sunday Hoop Lovefest in Scottsdale

Let’s go to Arizona, shall we? We’re going to drop in on the Sunday Hoop Lovefest that happens on Sunday afternoons in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area – and it’s a blast. Pam Mayer of Pam...

Jessica Packard Fire hoops

Jessica Packard: Dubstep Warehouse Fire Hooping

Hoop dancer Jessica Packard of the Heady Hoop Tribe practices her fire hooping in this video that was filmed inside a local warehouse that’s been turned into an event venue. With graffitied walls as...

Anna Meilman

Hooping by the Tracks with Anna Meilman

Anna Meilman of Cirque Roots entertains us with this fun performance inside and outside. As the Pacific Railway box car trains roll past in the background, Anna hoops her little heart out with a...

Pam Mayer

Booty Spin

Pam Mayer of Pam Hoops shakes her booty at In Depth Hawaii 2014 at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat in Pahoa, Hawaii. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Photo by Fer RamiRuz.