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Ally Arnold Hooping

Ally Arnold: Hoola Hoop Girl

A well-filmed video can really make a hooper shine and this one featuring hoop dancer Ally Arnold, aka Uttara Praana, was brilliantly filmed at Inshala in Fort MacLeod, Alberta, Canada. It does a great...

Michelle Ivanek

Hooping in the Kananaskis

Michelle Ivanek, otherwise known as LUNA the hoop fairy, spins up multiple hoops at Elbow Falls on her amazing hike in the Kananaskis. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Michael Di Benedetto.

Keenan Bowman Hooping

Keenan Bowman

With the weather warming up, hoopers are starting to get outside and flow. Keenan Bowman is one such hooper who took advantage of recent warm weather in Alberta and made this video under a...

Amanda Syryda

Amanda Syryda

A beautiful sunset lights up the waters at the beach where Amanda Syryda of Hip Flick Hoops was spinning things up. Stunning! She lives in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

Michelle Luna Ivanek

Michelle “Luna” Ivanek

-40 degree weather and hooping don’t really mix very well, so who can blame Michelle “Luna” Ivanek for getting excited by a little sunshine. She says, “There’s still some snow on the ground, but...

Keenan Bowman

Keenan Bowman

Keenan Bowman lights it up with his LED hoop in this gorgeous shot from Stephanie T Photography. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Michelle Ivanek

Essential Stretches with Michelle Ivanek

Hey Hoopers. Did you know that it’s important to stretch out before hooping, just like with any other physical fitness activity? Well, it is and Michelle Ivanek is here to demonstrate how to properly...

Blaire Hammer hooping

Blaire Hammer: Hula Hooping Bliss

Blue-haired Blaire Hammer, aka Ursa Minor, doesn’t need anything extra in her “Hula Hooping Bliss” video. All she needs are her hoops and her effortless flow. Blaire is front and center, showcasing her hoop...


Worlds of Imagination Hooping

We love this happy LED Hooper who was having the Worlds of Imagination concert experience at the Edmonton Expo Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Ben C.

Babz Robinson

The Polish Flip

Babz Robinson not only serves up a slow motion tutorial on a fold/flip combo that she is calling the “Polish Flip”, a name given because she filmed this in beautiful Gdansk, Poland, but we...