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Blaire Hammer: Hula Hooping Bliss

Blaire Hammer hooping

Blue-haired Blaire Hammer, aka Ursa Minor, doesn’t need anything extra in her “Hula Hooping Bliss” video. All she needs are her hoops and her effortless flow. Blaire is front and center, showcasing her hoop skills in an empty room completely…

The Polish Flip

Babz Robinson

Babz Robinson not only serves up a slow motion tutorial on a fold/flip combo that she is calling the “Polish Flip”, a name given because she filmed this in beautiful Gdansk, Poland, but we really get to see Babz hoop…

Hoop Dancer Teddy Anderson

teddy anderson Traditional hoop dancer Teddy Anderson has traveled to over 17 different countries sharing his hoop skills and spreading a message of peace. In this video, he puts a modern twist on traditional hoop dance and uses 4 specific colors in order to represent the different people of the world. He truly knows how to tell a story with his hoops! Teddy is based in Alberta, Canada, but this video was filmed in Victoria, British Columbia. Cinematography was done by Zia Kalyan and more information about Teddy can be found on his webpage, hoopdanceproductions.com.

Hawaii Hooping Holiday

Blaire Hammer

Let’s get away from it all and take our hoops to the warm and wonderful beaches of beautiful Hawaii, shall we? Or at least we can pretend we are along for the ride with Ursa Minor of the Spinning Lotus…

Amanda Syryda

Amanda Syryda

Hoopers can’t help but hoop everywhere we go because, well, why wouldn’t you? A wonderful trip anywhere is made even sweeter with hooping and Amanda Syryda of Hip Flick Hoops takes us on a hoop tour of her recent travels,…

Mobot: A Cog in the Snow

Mobot steps out into the snow for some winter hooping in this beautiful video. She hoops her way through the crisp, white snow at Mill Creek Ravine and leads us to the expansive frozen Sylvan lake in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.…