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The Hooping Blob by Beth Anne Reed

Who would have thought that a little blue blob would have such seriously awesome hoop skills! Incredibly creative and fun, this great claymation short film was made by Beth Anne Reed, a hoop instructor with BA Hoops. Her blue blob shows us how it’s done as it expertly hoops on the waist, the hands and even gets it going on…

Guy Akimoto

Guy Akimoto: Move Your Love

http://vimeo.com/79004569 We love that hoopers are getting featured more and more in music videos and this one is absolutely stunning. Guy Akimoto’s official music video for “Move Your Love” features three hoopers, including and in order of appearance: Sloan Thompson, Jennifer Craft and Lilly Lanter. It begins with Sloan’s captivating performance with her day hoops dancing blissfully in a pool…

People Help the People

Untitled DeAndra Mercer of Valerie Hoops spins a powerful message to us all through a slow and beautiful LED hoop dance. She says she “felt inspired to make this after looking around and seeing the difference we can make in the world if we give more than we take.” Beginning her video with a clip of a famous Winston Churchill quote, she sets an intention for herself and her viewers and follows through with it in a stunning light. She lives in Phoenix City, Alabama, USA, and the lovely soundtrack to her video is called “People Help the People” by Birdy, which you can download on iTunes.

Jessica Ann Hunter

Stand Up Paddleboard Hooping

While we’ve seen people spinning it up while on a stand up paddle board before, we don’t know if we’ve ever seen anyone really go for it on a board as much as Jessica Ann Hunter does in this, and here’s a little news flash for you – it was her first time hooping on a stand up paddle board…

Chrisha Favors

Chrisha Favors

When it’s a beautiful sunny day in Alabama, sometimes you just got to get out there and hoop it up. Chrisha Favors of Circles in Motion is doing just that, spinning up her very own special blend of hoop dance that’s truly a joy to watch. In fact we dare you to not feel better by the time this is…