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Fire Hooping with Sandra Dee Mitchell

Sandra Dee Mitchell of HoopFlowLove was last seen on Hooping.org back in the Fall of 2012, but she’s back and things have certainly gotten hotter! Watch her show off some impressive fire hooping skills in this…

Hooping the Orange River in Africa

by Marlys Hersey What do you do when you have forgotten your hoop in the mad rush of packing the car at 5 in the morning? Panic? A little…. We left Cape Town, South Africa,…

Mbali Ngubane

With the sun out and the beats blazing, Mandala Project was something special and Mbali Ngubane was there spinning things up. She lives in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Photo by ASP Productions.

Mbali Ngubane

Mbali Ngubane of FireTribe rises above the lights of her LED hoop in this great shot by Brent Vercuiel from Brent Photography. Mbali lives in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

Hoop Love with Shaheen and Shouniez

Shaheen and Shouniez Van Der Schyff are quite the hoopy couple. The husband and wife duo have been spinning things up for the past two years and it’s really made an impact on their lives,…

Mbali Ngubane

Mbali Ngubane lights up the night at Ground Zero in Cape Town, South Africa. Photo by Lloyd Newkirk Photography. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.

Arise and Hoop at the Beach

A year ago Arise and Hoop hosted their first gathering at Llandudno. A year later they’ve spun up a truly awesome hooping community and decided to kick the year off right with a Flow Gathering…

World Hoop Day 2012: The World Spins

World Hoop Day 2012 brought hoopers together in cities and towns all over the world on 12/12/12 and throughout the week to spin things up in support of world peace, while raising funds to put…