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Are You Head Over Hoop in Love?

hoop love feat

by Abby Schwartz Falling in love is life changing. At times it is all-consuming. You catch yourself daydreaming about your time together, counting the minutes until you are reunited. Your senses come alive and songs start to take on new…

Top Ten List for June 16-22 2013

Top Ten List

Hello Hoopers! We hope you all had a the hoopiest weekend possible, because we certainly did! In fact we were so busy hooping our weekly Top Ten List is a little late this week where we count down the top…

Confessions of a Casual Hooper

Confessions of a Casual Hooper FEAT

by Abby Schwartz While I enjoy The Hoopie Awards and Hooping Idol as much as anyone, I have a few confessions to make. During those hazy, romantic days when I first fell for my hoop, I was filled with hooping…