reddot keeps spinning with fresh content daily thanks to the amazing efforts of an almost entirely volunteer driven staff. Let’s meet the amazing hoopers that are on a mission to spread hoop love all around the world.

philologo Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of He’s been spinning things up online and off since April of 2003. Co-Founder of Bay Area Hoopers in San Francisco and LA Hoopers in Los Angeles, Philo has taught and performed internationally and has received Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year for Gotta Hoop. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. He’s on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter & YouTube.

And in alphabetical order:

Rachel Contributor Rachel Conlisk was addicted to hooping from the very start and now spends most of her time thinking about hooping, finding new music for her hoop classes, or spinning it up. A data analyst for a school, she spreads the hoop love on campus daily with a hoop club for kids, and teaches a weekly adult hooping class in Smethwick. You can follow her hoopenings at and take her class in Birmingham, England, UK. She’s on Facebook.

Matthias Elliott Contributor Matthias Elliott of Komizutama is an entrepreneur, scientist and artist playing and working in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA. He won the Hoopie Award for Male Hooper of the Year for 2014 and when he’s not working or practicing circus arts, you will probably find him in the water, developing his own installation art, or spinning a national hoop workshop tour based in his own unique blend of science, art and martial arts. He’s on Facebook.

Jessica Hazleton Video Editor Jessica Hazleton was first introduced to hooping in 2012 and she’s been making it her extra special go-to extracurricular activity ever since that day. When she’s not keeping busy at her day job, her free time is often dedicated to making hoops, playing, watching hooping videos and spreading the hoop love to anyone willing to listen. You can find her meandering around her beautiful farm in Stanwood, Washington, USA, and she’s also on Facebook.

Jenny Hill Contributor Jenny Hill is a poet, arts educator, hoop instructor, performer, and encourager at Acts of Jennius. She is editor and book designer for Paper Kite Press, an independent press for poetry. For 38 years of her life, she lived within the safe confines of her head, and then the hoop found her. If you leave your backyard unattended, she might just start a Hoop(oetry) circus there. She lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. She’s also on Facebook.

Heather Hughes Contributor Heather Hughes is an analytic English major by day and a cosmic dancer by night…when her children go to bed on time. At home in rural Missouri she coordinates Sedalia Spin Gypsies, a local performance group that focuses on community events and promoting hoop dance as part of the healthy, empowered lifestyle. Between teaching, creek-stomping, and devouring science fiction novels, she blogs about the good life at Tangle and Spiral.

Samantha Hoops Video Editor Samantha Laudert has been promoting healthy living for over ten years. Now she does so as Sammy Hoopleseed of Ione AK Hoops and is giving back to communities near you, one hula hoop at a time, as a hoopsmith, teacher, sponsored performer, as well as an Ambassador for World Hoop Day. She was the World Hoop Day Ambassador of January 2014 and she currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. She’s on Facebook.

Kassandra Morrison Video Editor Kassandra Morrison is from the small arts community of Highland Square in Akron, Ohio, USA. Hooping since 2012, after attending Kent State University for Visual Design & Imaging she realized it just wasn’t her calling. Diving into Visual and Performance Art, hooping and teaching, she hasn’t looked back. Her background as an artist and dancer offers a unique perspective on the currently evolving world of the Kinetic arts as well.

Carly Palmer Video Editor Carly Palmer is a melancholy office worker by day and uber-obsessed, hyperactive hooper by night! She picked up hooping where she discovered it – at music festivals in 2011, and she hasn’t stopped spinning up her much needed hobby ever since. She loves watching hooping videos and she regularly helps us find the best stuff out there so you don’t have to go looking for yourself. She lives in Woodbridge, Virginia, USA. She’s on Facebook.

satiflow Swirling from the seas of expressionism, columnist Megan Smith (aka Sati Flow) brings ingenuity and creativity to any artistic playing field; emotional and endearing hoop dance, enticing fire performance, and captivating writing. Megan is a poet, artist, yogini and hooper based in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. She has been hooping since 2011 and writing for as long as she can remember. Follow her hoop teachings, performances, writing and more on her website at

Natalie Kane Contributor, Pyromaniac and GIS analyst Natalie K. Stickel (Natalie Kane) helps young, aspiring travelers launch the lifestyle of their dreams and elevate the world through her website Kinetic Karuna. She hoop dances with the Dogtown Hoop Mafia in Richmond, Virginia, USA, and founded FloWiTheJames to clean up the James River. Her passions include environmental conservation, exploration, yoga, self-sufficiency and gettin’ silly in her circle. She’s on Facebook.

Rachel Panasiuk Contributor Rachel “Gypsy” Panasiuk of Hoops by Gypsy had her heart lit on fire for hooping while traveling in Nepal in 2012. Her passion for remains unwavering and she’s hoping to spread the hoop love everywhere her gypsy trails may lead. Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Rachel spends her time creating hoops, dreaming about magical circles and helping others live out their hoop dreams. She’s on Facebook.

grassfedhoops Video Editor Kae Torgersen discovered the hoop at The 2013 Northwest String Summit, and has been spinning in circles ever since. She lives her life on the road making hoops, throwing hoop jams and spreading the hoop love wherever she travels. Inspired by her passion for hooping, healthy living, bare feet and Bluegrass, she founded Grassfed Hoops and has home bases in Orange County, California, and Saugerties, New York, USA. She’s on Facebook & Instagram.

jesswagstrom Contributor Jess Wagstrom has been spinning things up in the hooping world since 2008. In fact, she has traveled to both coasts of the United States in the name of the hoop, and can be found spending her days making hoops and Hoopie Award nominated tutorials for the hoopily inclined everywhere. In fact, she’s peddling her hoop wares on Etsy. She has other hobbies, too, like knitting and eating. She lives in Dallas, Texas, USA, and she’s on Facebook.

Ingrid White Contributor Ingrid White was half-way through life when she was smacked in the heart by a large round plastic circle in 2011. Now she views the world through her hoop and her life goals are to still be hooping at 100 years of age and to infect as many people with the hoop bug as possible. Ingrid hoops for an hour daily & regularly joins other Australian hoopers to celebrate all things hoopy. She lives in Appin, New South Wales, Australia. She’s on FaceBook.

Katie Columnist Katie Wilson, better known in the hooping world as Katie Sunshine, is a teacher, a painter, a performer, and above all a proponent for the powerfully positive change hooping brings to one’s life. She picked up hooping in 2009 at a music festival and she hasn’t put it down since. A Hoopie Award winner with many YouTube viral videos, Katie lives in Conway, Arkansas, USA, with her wonderful husband and her two lovable dogs.