Fire Hooping with Sarah E Sparkles

 Fire Hooping with Sarah E Sparkles Things heat up when Sarah E. Sparkles of Sparkle and Burn Hoop Dance goes fire hooping. This 2015 Fire Hooper of the Year nominee shows us what she’s made up. Filmed in an abandoned building, this was produced by Parish Productions with a special appearance by fire breather Lee Colt. Sarah lives in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is by BenSound and you can find out more on the BenSound website.

A Hoop Jam in Costa Rica

hooping costa rica Everyone is smiling, laughing and having a great time spinning it up at this hoop jam in Costa Rica. This short but sweet little video from Hoopnosis Costa Rica does a great job of capturing the fun spirit of a hooptastic get-together, and one hooper’s fantastic rainbow hoop fits right in as he rocks some on-body hooping. It all happens in San Jose, Costa Rica, and the soundtrack for this is “Atrevete Te Te” by Calle 13, and you can snag a copy for yourself over on iTunes.

Circular Expressions Spin Up a Wedding

Circular-Expressions Here’s a touching performance by the Dogtown Hoop Mafia, who recently rebranded the troupe as Circular ExpressionsMaria EstradaAthena Hoops and’s very own Natalie Kane choreographed this sweetly sensational hoop dance for a wedding held at the Dogtown Dance Theatre. They are located in Richmond, Virginia, USA, and the soundtrack they’re performing to is called “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey, and you can find it over on iTunes.