A Hula Hoop Extravaganza with HoopStep

HoopStep recently spun up a hula hoop show on the street in Germany. Silke Schirok and Christine Thevissen amazed us with their partner hooping, juggling, multiple hoop trickery and so much more. It’s a...

RK Spinburne

RK Spinburne Spins the Purple!

RK Spinburne spins up the purple at Ziggy Stardust night at Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco party in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Photo by Lola Star. Comments comments

Caitlin Hofer by Faith Images

Rolling Doubles with Isopuppy

Isopuppy, otherwise known as Caitlin Hofer of Fern Gully Creations, rolls two yellow twin hoops across her chest at a swimming pool. She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Photo by Faith Images. Comments...


The Donaghy Sisters Spin Through Montana

The Donaghy sisters are at it again! The fun loving family loves traveling with their hoops and this trip is no exception as Erin Donaghy and sister Caitlin Donaghy of Caitlin Loves Hoops show...


In The Carnival with Allison Slavik

In hopes of being cast as a member of Beats Antique’s Creature Carnival when they come to Fargo, North Dakota, USA, Allison Slavik dazzles us with an incredible performance. She performs with multiple hoops,...

Laurel Kathleen Barrett hoops on one leg at the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University

Laurel Kathleen Barrett Hoops Up Harvard

Laurel Kathleen Barrett is hooping on one leg while visiting the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Photo by Bridget Rawls. Comments comments

Bun Hooping

Slow Motion Bun Hooping with Madly Hatting

Time for some heady hooping (pun intended) with hoop dancer Madly Hatting as she shows off a bit of her flawless bun-hooping abilities. In this brief video, she slows things down so we can...

Love is Strange

Love is Strange with Nellie Livengood

Love is strange, love is kind, and love is what brings Nellie Livengood to our attention in her charming video, guest starring her husband. She says, “My husband was in my hoop space driving...

Monika Kolb is a hooping angel in this ethereal beach photo taken by Niko Duowes

Monika Kolb: Hooping Angel

Monika Kolb of MonikaKolb.de is truly a hooping angel in this ethereal beach photo taken during full moon on the beach in Portugal. She lives in Southern Germany. Photo by Niko Douwes. Comments comments