Accordion Meets Hula Hoop with Kristin Lahoop

Accordion Meets Hula Hoop What’s better than a killer hula hoop performance? A killer hula hoop performance with live accordion music, of course! Cathrin Pfeifer grabs her squeeze box and Kristin Lahoop grabs her hula hoops for a unique performance piece that won all of us over. Even if you don’t care for accordion music, Kristin’s hoop work here is most captivating indeed. They live in Berlin, Germany, and the song that Cathrin is playing on her accordion is entitled “Rosweetheart” for those that might be wondering.

Hooping Through the Darkness with Shahnoor

Hooping Through the Darkness with Shahnoor Shahnoor Skrzypkowiak of Soul Hula is back sharing an emotionally powerful video depicting how she has overcome through hooping. Struggling with her mental health after giving birth to her beautiful baby boy, she’s coming through the darkness. Shannie says, “After several admissions to psychiatric hospitals and 11 months of anxiety, major depression, panic disorder and pre-menstrual dysphonic syndrome since my son was born, I am coming through the darkness… I worked hard on connecting to my body through hooping and now I am working hard on connecting with my mind. I may have mental health issues, but one thing I have learnt through the dark times is, I. AM. STRONG.” Shannie is from Perth, Western Australia, Australia and the soundtrack for this video is “I Had This Thing” by Royksopp which is available to download on iTunes.

Twin Spin Hooping with Emma Kenna at TADAH

Emma Kenna We all know that Emma Kenna of Hooping Mad is a wizard with double hoops, and this video is no exception. In a fierce spin with her twins, she’s even breaking out the quads for a moment in this for some fun times, hooping amidst a lush green paradise at the Tills And Deniz´ Artist Habitat, aka TADAH, in Anatalya, Turkey. For those learning doubles Emma’s classic advice is to just “do things, just do some more things.” She’s based out of Göttingen, Germany, and we don’t know what the song is for this video. If you know, please let us know in the comments below!

Hooping in Public, Hooping in Private

Hooping in Public, Hooping in Private by Casandra Tanenbaum

Hoopdance is an experience of movement for the partner of the hoop. Certainly the hoop is important, but focusing on the hoop leaves out a pretty large territory to play with – our bodies, our selves. My body, as both a visual and sensory being while hoopdancing, answers to the call of the music, the tones requiring it’s full attention, not just the part of me that is holding on to my hoop – or at least that is the case when “on display”.

Hooping in public, whether in front of a crowd or just one person, puts a different SPIN on it. Super self-conscious of how I look to my audience, it is hard let ANY body part get lazy, yet when I’m alone in the dubious privacy of the fitness studio, I am often aware of the fact that at any given moment most of my flesh is not in direct contact with the hoop. It is intriguing that so much of my personal hoopdance practice involves working on specific tricks and techniques related specifically to the hoop, rather than to me. Sometimes when I’m practicing it’s as though I’m saying “Hey! Left shoulder, right lower leg: you are not particularly important right now, its really all about the hoop, so… take a break!” The result looks like a banal accumulation of forced drills with a lot of trial and error, and a constant clattering of drops.

In public I feel an obligation to be the consummate representative of the beauty, grace and strength of hoopdancing. I almost can’t help but undulate my hips purposefully as I spin the hoop above my head, twirling in dizzying patterns to impress the casual observer, so why do I not give myself a complete and total experience when I’m alone? Since noticing the vast chasm between these two approaches, in practice and in public, I have been purposefully reversing my roles.