Firlefanz Hoops in A Day of Isolation

Firlefanz Hoops Firlefanz Hoops, otherwise known as Verena Steiner, has spun up something incredible. The talented young hoop dance artist makes her video debut in “A Day of Isolation”. Filmed and edited by Dominik Galleya of Galleya TV, Verena spins up a world of color in this hooping video that spins into art itself. Verena lives in Oberau, Austria, and the soundtrack for this is “F” by Dead Battery and you can score a copy of it for your very own quite easily on iTunes.

Hooper of the Week: Nicole Colindres

by Lilea Duran

Nicole Colindres found the perfect home for the latest adventure in her hooping journey nestled in the heart of the Lakes region of Holderness, New Hampshire, USA. The hooper, yoga instructor and creator of New England Flow Festival (NEFF) will be spinning up it’s second year of hosting a “weekend dedicated to flow arts” next weekend and with an impressive line up of hoop dance instructors including Brecken Rivara, Beth Lavinder, Benjamin Berry and more it’s no surprise this newcomer to the flow festie block is already sold out – but who is the lady who is making it all happen? Before her whirlwind weekend of welcoming hoopers and instructors Nicole sat sit down for a chat about her hooping life and her revolution into circus and flow. Join me for a very special interview with Nicole Colindres, our Hooper of the Week!

Hoop Love with Andrea Raffl

Hoop Love with Andrea Raffl Hoop Love with Andrea Raffl. Spinning things up at the Dornbirn Kulturhaus, Andrea Raffl of Reifenfabrik invites us to feel her hoop love. With some stunning artwork surrounding her, Andrea spins up some sweet moves, wedgies and more with a smile and a great big side order of hoop love. Don’t be surprised if it all starts making things seem a little trippy either. Video by Bassdome. Andrea Raffl is based out of Vorarlberg, Austria, and the soundtrack for this one is “Laughter Crescendo (2012 Version)” by Bassnectar and you can score a copy of it for your very own over on iTunes.

Stephane Gentilini Hula Hoop Performance

Stephane Gentilini Stephane Gentilini Hula Hoop Performance. Stephane Gentilini makes a most impressive debut here, taking to the stage at the Circus of the Stars. This hula hooping marvel of a man rolls out a performance that’s not to be missed too. Combining hula hoop rolling and juggling moves with traditional circus hula hooping skills, and some unexpected twists, watch just how smooth everything here is and you’ll be applauding right along with the audience. Stephane is currently living in Lyon, France, and the soundtrack for his performance is “Earth Died Screaming” by Tom Waits and you can score a copy of it for your own collection quite easily over on iTunes.