Hoop Dancing with Olivia O’Haire

Olivia O'Haire Olivia O’Haire spins up a few new perspectives in her latest video where she hoops around her home with a sprained ankle. The injury doesn’t seem to be slowing her down though, and not only does she deliver some super cool moves, like that underarm pass to elbow hooping one that had us rewinding to watch it again, but she films this from different angles, making it an even greater joy to watch. Olivia lives in Purchase, New York, USA, and her soundtrack for this is “Terms and Conditions” by Chet Faker, and you can easily download a copy of it for your own collection on iTunes.

Hooping Through Your Body Image Issues

mirror by Mandi Smith

Hooping is an effective total body workout that burns over four hundred calories an hour. That’s approximately the same amount of calories as cardio kickboxing and bootcamp style classes. So it’s no surprise that there are a lot of amazing stories out there about how hooping has helped people lose weight. This is not one of them. This is a story, my story, of how hooping has helped me love my body more, regardless of how much I weigh. For most of my life I have had body image issues. In my particular case, I had 288 pounds worth. Just to clarify, my weight didn’t necessitate my issues. There are those who only weigh 88 pounds and struggle with body image. Then there are people who weigh 288 and look fabulous and know it. They have absolutely no problem strutting their stuff. I just wasn’t one of them.

Sky Spins It Up in Almería

sky flow artist Are you ready for something delicious? Good, because this dreamy hooping video featuring Sky, filmed during that magic hour just before dusk, is a tasty one indeed. She spins up some stunning moves in a gorgeous setting and the end result is simply sublime. She lives in Brighton, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is “Nuances” by Mo’ Kalamity and you can download a copy of it for your own collection over on .

Thailand’s Hoop Jam Love Tribe

Love Tribe Hoop Jam Hoopers in Thailand gather on the beach in Haad Yuan and Ko Phangan for a weekly local hoop jam hosted by Francie Fishman, Nolita Ananda and Deon Abruzzo. Filmed by Johnathan Gilbert, it’s all about celebrating their “love of play” with the circle and this video that was mostly filmed using drones basically looks like we’re going to a giant beach party full of hoop action – with donations going to a local charity. Francie and Nolita live in Ko Phangan, Surat Thani, Thailand, while Deon lives in San Francisco, California, USA. The soundtrack for this is “Cirkus” by Gramatik and it’s available for you to download over on iTunes.

Natupa’s Central American Hoop Dance Travels

Natupa Hula Hoop Natupa Tzin Tzin Tlini explores the beautiful, lush scenery of Central America with her hoop as her companion. Hooping seaside, she dances on white sand beaches, in tropical jungle, and even in an underground cave! And don’t miss the fun, tricky knee pop toss to back roll combo in here too. Natupa currently lives in Mexico City, Mexico, and the soundtrack for this is called “Untangling” by Salmonella Dub, which you can score a copy of over on on iTunes.

Chloe McAfee: Our Hooper of the Week

CHLOE Stepping into the hooping limelight at age 9 and taking home our 2015 Hoopie Award for Youth Hooper of the Year, Chloe McAfee has already spun herself into the center of our community circle. But who is this humble, young hoop star from Hudson, Michigan, USA? What’s her hooping story? We sat down with Chloe to find out more about her and how the circle has been spinning her life over the past four years. From new friendships to glow stick hooping memories, hooping makes an impact on lives of all ages. So join us for an interview with Chloe McAfee, our Hooper of the Week!

Philo: When did you start hooping Chloe, and how?

Chloe: I went to the spring Badfish show at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garretsville, Ohio, for a little summer vacation with my mom and dad when I was 5 years old. When we arrived there, I noticed a lot of girls with hula hoops everywhere which caught my attention. I thought they were beautiful. I made a new friend there too, Lilly, who is my age as well, and she was a hooper too. She also sold me my very first hula hoop.

Philo: Awesome! What does your Hooping Life look like now?

Chloe: It’s looking pretty good I would say. I can say it’s only gotten better with lots of time and practice. I’ve improved my flow and skill a lot over these past 4 years. When I started hooping my mom [Jennifer Clair] got into it as well and we would watch tutorials together. She became my hoop mentor and has taught me so much throughout these past 4 years too.

Philo: Yay! We love your Mom! How has hooping changed your life?

Chloe: Hooping has become one of my many favorite hobbies. It has given me so much confidence and I’ve learned how to connect and become expressive with my hoop through the art of dance. It’s such a beautiful feeling getting lost with my hoop when I dance.