Dizzy Lizzy Delicious: Single Hula Hoop Choreography

Dizzy Lizzy Delicious In a deviation from her normal multiple hula hoop performances, Dizzy Lizzy Delicious, otherwise known as Elisabeth Gifford, returns with an emotional piece exploring the elegance of a single hoop. In a simple outfit with a black backdrop to highlight her one hoop, she experiments and slows down her flow with and you can see she is really enjoying her rediscovery of flow, and so is her audience. Originally from Australia, she’s currently living in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The soundtrack for this performance is “Blake Says” by Amanda Palmer, which can be downloaded on iTunes.

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s Fitness Secret is Hooping

Hooping It Up to Get In Shape Lucy Mecklenburgh of the hit UK television show The Only Way is Essex has been topping the lists of Britain’s celebrity gym crushes, but what has she been doing to stay in such great shape? Answer: Her recent Instagram post revealed that she’s been putting her own personal spin on fitness and it has everything to do with hooping! Crediting it as the secret behind her fabulous figure, for Lucy staying in shape is all about having fun while you’re doing it. That’s why she recently launched her own fitness program Results With Lucy, and she’s looking to get the UK spinning their way to a better body.

Lucy’s not just in love with hooping though, she’s totally ‘hooked’ on it. She recently told the Daily Star, “I loved hula hooping as a child but I’d completely forgotten how much fun it is. Dance hooping takes it to a whole new level and it works my entire body out, strengthening my core and burning calories as well as, if not better than, any other boring exercise.”

Her enviable waistline is the result of many hula hooping sessions and plenty of skipping. “I love hula hooping – it’s a great exercise to keep your waistline trim and it’s actually really good fun. Also, skipping – you should take a skipping rope everywhere with you! Both of these are easily done outdoors in the summer, so you have no excuses and it’s free to do.”

A Midsummer Spin with Sky Flow Artist

Sky Flow Artist Sky Flow Artist invites us along for a midsummer spin in the desert with her colorful hula hoops. She effortlessly nails quite a few advanced tricks, and showcases her extraordinary flexibility too which really adds to her hula hooping, spun up with some of her usual rhythmic gymnastic flair! The under the leg to neck pass is something to keep an eye out for in this one too. Sky is currently living in Almeria, Spain, and the soundtrack for this one is called “Get Free (featuring Amber of Dirty Projectors)” by Major Lazor, which is available for you to download a copy of for your own collection over from on Soundcloud.