Hoopies Trophy Hooping.org hosts an annual Hoopie Awards celebration honoring greatness in our hooping community known as The Hoopie Awards. The Hoopies began back in 2008 and continue to be celebrated annually. The nominations process opens at the start of the new year at the beginning of January with a call out to the community for preliminary nominees in a variety of categories. Originally those who received the most preliminary nominations became ballot finalists, but a Hoopie Awards Finalists Review Panel started with the 2010 awards to ensure greater fairness. Those who contribute preliminary nominations are able to make themselves available to serve on the community review panel. Those who do so are placed in a hat and the panelists are drawn at random. The Hoopie Awards Finalists Review Panel reviews all of the preliminary nominations and is responsible for deciding who receives the official nominations each year.

Over the years we’ve added additional award categories and the Hoopies continue to evolve based on community input. Along the way a rule was included that previous Hoopie Award winners are not eligible to win in the same category twice. Here are our Hoopie Award winners throughout the years:

2014 Hoopie Award Winners
2013 Hoopie Award Winners
2012 Hoopie Award Winners
2011 Hoopie Award Winners
2010 Hoopie Award Winners
2009 Hoopie Award Winners
2008 Hoopie Award Winners

2 thoughts on “Hoopies

  1. joe E
    December 24, 2013 at 8:32 am

    how can i enter videos for the hoopies?

  2. Kyle
    January 27, 2014 at 10:15 am

    When will the 2014 Hoopie award winners be announced?

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