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It’s’s 12th Anniversary and to celebrate we’re spinning up a whole new revolution with 6.0. Just as we’ve done every two years since we began, we took a biennial step back to rethink, revisit and reimagine. We hooped and meditated on how we could be doing it all even better, and then we hooped some more. While it’s taken a long time to get here, twelve years to be exact, we know we couldn’t have done it without you too. Thank you for this special moment. From our little blog started by a few friends who’d just discovered hooping and made it their mission to share the joy and wonder of it with the entire world, to celebrating this beautiful and truly global hooping community that encircles us a dozen years later is amazing indeed. We couldn’t be more grateful, and we couldn’t be more inspired.

Back in 2003 we never could have imagined we’d be ever be seeing 2.3 million hits a year, but we are. We’ve learned a lot along the way, hit some highs, spun a few lows, and today we are here, clear and stronger than ever. We’re so excited about 6.0, and excited about the future. Here’s why:

World Hoop Day Dance Compilation 2014

World Hoop Day Dance Every year hoopers from all over the world celebrate World Hoop Day by coming together for the World Hoop Day Dance. This year 275 hoop dancers from 11 countries spun up 31 performances and all of this hoop love magic was brought together thanks to the choreography by Kristin “Tink” McQuillin of Spin Matsuri and Malcolm Stuart. Hoopers learned the dance, did their thing and videotaped it, and all of this footage was merged together into another exciting video of hoop dance unity from around the globe. Tink says, “Thank you to everyone who learned the dance, helped with costumes, ran cameras and offered support and assistance for this project.” Are you ready to see the finale video? Good, because here it is.

With “The Hooping Life” song by Basement Jaxx for their soundtrack, the following participating cities made it happen for 2014:


1. Kamakura, Japan. 2. Osaka, Japan. 3. Tokyo, Japan.


1. Burning Seed. 2. Melbourne. 3. Ulverstone.


1. Bayern, Germany. 2. Cork, Ireland. 3. Devon, England, UK. 4. EJC Ireland. 5. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland, UK. 6. Heidelberg, Germany, 7. Liverpool, England, UK. 8. Manchester, England, UK. 9. Moscow, Russia. 10. Reykjavik, Iceland. 11. Tampere, Finland.

North America

1. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. 2. Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. 3. Geneva, Illinois, USA. 4. Mt. Shasta, California, USA. 4. New York City, New York, USA. 5. Ossipee, New Hampshire, USA. 6. Quintana Roo, Mexico. 7. Tampa Bay, Florida, USA. 8. Washington, DC, USA. 9. Westport, Connecticut, USA.

Thank you to everyone who learned the dance, helped with costumes, ran cameras and offered support and assistance for this project. Happy World Hoop Day! You’ll find more about this project at Spin Matsuri and everything about World Hoop Day on the WHD web site.

Ricardo Cancino’s One Year Hoopiversary

cancinowhd Ricardo Cancino celebrated one year of hooping on World Hoop Day itself by making this sensational video. We’re quite impressed to see how much he learned in a year, and he’s definitely someone to keep your eye on in the future. Ricardo lives in Mexico City, Mexico, and the soundtrack here is called “Never Forget You” by Noisettes and can be added to your music library on iTunes.

World Hoop Day 2014: Part 2

worldhoopday2014 by Philo Hagen

World Hoop Day brought hoopers together this earlier this month in cities and towns all around the world. If you missed Part 1 of our World Hoop Day coverage, hoopers gathered on the first Saturday of October in support of world peace and raised funds to help gift more hoops to needy kids around the globe. On six continents and in over 125 locations world wide, a diverse roster of World Hoop Day celebrations took place. There were community hoop jams, performance showcases, daytime events, flash mobs, big crowds, rural solo celebrations, fire hoop extravaganzas and a whole lot more. So let’s take a closer look at more of the coolest stuff that happened for World Hoop Day this year.

World Hoop Day 2014 (Part 1)


by Philo Hagen

World Hoop Day brought hoopers together this weekend in cities and towns all around the world. Celebrated for the second time in it’s new timeslot, the first Saturday of October, hoopers all over this big blue marble were hooping it up in support of world peace and raising funds to help gift more hoops to needy kids around the globe. On six continents this year and in over 125 locations world wide, hoopers gathered together to spin up a wide variety of World Hoop Day celebrations. There were community hoop jams, performance showcases, daytime events, flash mobs, big crowds, rural solo celebrations, fire hoop extravaganzas and a whole lot more. So let’s take a closer look at some of the coolest stuff that happened for World Hoop Day this year.


Cape Town, South Africa: The World Hoop Day Performance Finale by Arise and Hoop featured a choreographed fire performance not to be missed. Circle of Love also gifted many hoops and puts smiles on the faces of many kids.

Johannesburg, South Africa: A celebration for World Hoop Day was held at the Emmarentia Dam.


Kamakura, Japan: Hoopers gathered to spin up the World Hoop Day Dance with WHD Dance for 2014.


Manchester, England, UK: Hoopers gathered at All Saints Park for a World Hoop Day Dance for 2014.

Moscow, Russia: World Hoop Day was celebrated with the World Hoop Day Dance in Moscow as well.

Reykjavik, Iceland: Hoopers spun the World Hoop Day Dance inside what appears to be a local shopping mall.

Zagreb, Croatia: This fun World Hoop Day flash mob was part of the celebration this year in Zagreb.


Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada: A dynamic duo spins up the World Hoop Day Dance.

Chetumal, Mexico: A World Hoop Day event held at The Park Bandshell in Chetumal City included various arts, artists, workshops and performances.

Detroit, Michigan, USA: Grace Alexander was one of the inspiring performances at the WHD event held there year in Wayne.

World Hoop Day Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Hoopers gathered to celebrate World Hoop Day. Photo by Cindy Anita.

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA: Anna Mandala shares footage from her local celebration, as well as some solo spin time of her and her friends.

Guadalajara, Mexico: Their big event at Parque Extremo included this amazing choreographed hoop number by Cuatro Diez (Four Tens).

Madison, Wisconsin, USA: One of the performances in Madison this year was this mini hoop piece by Breezi and Kenzi at the Madison Circus Space.

Mexico City, Mexico: Tebo Noseqe was one of the performers this year at the World Hoop Day celebration in Mexico City.

Nine Mile Falls, Washington, USA: Brooke Verwiel celebrated World Hoop Day solo hoop dancing on the Spokane River.

Quintana Roo, Mexico: The second World Hoop Day event held in Quintana Roo had many things going on.


San Diego, California, USA: The Circus Mafia kept right on spinning in 97 degree weather, including a workshop taught by Valentina “Unity” Martin, and many hoops were gifted to kids. Photo by Krystin Nicole Railing.

Washington, DC, USA: Lighting up the fire hoops after dark was part of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) gathering for World Hoop Day.

There’s undoubtedly a whole lot more to come so keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of our spotlight on World Hoop Day later this week. is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of World Hoop Day and to be involved in sharing the mission of World Hoop Day annually because we truly believe that in doing so, we are making the world a better place. The more people hoop it up, the happier they are. The happier people are, the happier the world that we live in becomes. World Hoop Day may be over for another year, but you can still donate to this important cause and share the gift of play and joy and exercise with kids around the world by visiting too. Happy World Hoop Day 2014 everybody and let’s spin up an even bigger celebration next year on October 3, 2015.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

World Hoop Day Shares Hoop Love All Year

worldhoopday by Guest Contributor Rachel “Gypsy” Panasiuk

World Hoop Day, the international holiday for hoopers and non-profit organization gifting hoops to needy kids, is once again uniting our community on Saturday, October 4th, 2014. On 6 continents, and in over 125 locations world wide, hoopers are going to be spinning it up for world peace and a whole lot more. While the annual great big celebration of the circle isn’t really a secret in our community, what a lot of hoopers may not know is that World Hoop Day keeps busy spreading the hoop love far and wide all year long.

The first World Hoop Day was presented on July 7, 2007 (7/7/7) by creator Hoopin’ Annie O’Keeffe, along with co-founders Kevin O’Keeffe and Stefan Pildes. Annie’s desire to have a day dedicated to play and laughter and world peace has evolved over the years into a fun and beautiful event, and a full on tax deductible not-for-profit organization. Every year, World Hoop Day donates hoops to kids with limited resource, as well as in remote regions all over the world. This amazing work all happens thanks to the generosity and hard work of a team of World Hoop Day International Ambassadors. World Hoop Day Ambassadors donated hundreds of hoops this year to people all over the map, and World Hoop Day has been busy raising funds for more donations. Just take a look at a couple of video stories showing just what World Hoop Day accomplished this year.

WHD Ambassador Dee Saunders was able to gift 25 hoops to kids in Jamaica. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

World Hoop Day Ambassador and Peace Corps volunteer Bryna Rabehl gifted hoops this year in Santo Domingo and in Daraga, Albay, Philippines. She lives in Byron, Minnesota, USA.

World Hoop Day actively seeks Ambassadors who travel to far, remote locations to take hoops and materials to give to children and various communities in need. To find out how you can become an Official World Hoop Day Ambassador, find out here. You can always help the cause too with your generous donations and remembering to include our hoop community non-profit in your World Hoop Day plans each year. Why not make a donation for this year.

World Hoop Day hosted an auction fundraiser at Hoopcamp 2014 last week, and thanks to the generosity of participants over $1000 was raised. Auction items this year included donations by Holistic Hooping, SpinFX, Trinity Starr and many more.

This weekend World Hoop Day’s seventh annual celebration will be bringing people together in the name of the almighty hoop, community, and world peace, but when you celebrate this year remember the reason for the season. Stop, drop and spin in the name of world peace and think about how you can bring some hoop joy to the children of the world. To find an event near you, visit the World Hoop Day website and if there isn’t one near you have a World Hoop Day celebration of your very own.


hooping Rachel “Gypsy” Panasiuk of Hoops by Gypsy had her heart lit on fire for hooping while traveling in Nepal in 2012. Her passion for remains unwavering and she’s hoping to spread the hoop love everywhere her gypsy trails may lead. Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Rachel spends her time creating hoops, dreaming about magical circles and helping others live out their hoop dreams.

Northern Ireland Celebrates World Hoop Day

whdnorthernireland Hoopers from all over the world will be spinning it up for World Hoop Day tomorrow on Saturday, October 4th, 2014, but in Northern Ireland the celebration began early. Filmed on the Giant’s Causeway, hoopers gathered together to perform the World Hoop Day Dance for 2014 and if you take a closer look you’ll probably recognize some familiar hooper faces in this too. Video by Harlequin Hoop Dance. The soundtrack for this is “The Hooping Life” theme by Basement Jaxx.

Happy World Hoop Day 2014

Happy 7th World Hoop Day – Saturday 10/04/2014!

We just had an amazing auction at Holistic HoopingTrinityStarrSpinFX, a brand new children’s book called The Hula Hoop Queen, Tim and his one of a kind skateboard hammers, body butter and soaps, massages by Kat Carter and Melinda Lundgren, DVDs, Books, mini hoops, some awesome clothes and more! We raised over $1,000! Which means we can give away MORE HOOPS!

And we’re doing just that around the world. Look for an event near you on the map page, or add your event so we can upload it to the site.  We have over 125 events listed on 6 continents this year, including locations where Ambassadors have donated hoops to kids in need and remote areas of the world. Check it out and get ready for October 4, 2014!

And for those of you who are learning the WHD Dance<  choreographed by Tink of Spin Matsuri, Malcolm Stuart and Beka Hoop, the amount of participants this year is staggering! More than any other year! We have 1000’s of hoop dancers around the world hooping to Basement Jaxx – thanks to The Hooping Life for bringing the stellar tune from their movie to our World Hoop Day party this year.

Please send your videos and photos to us after WHD 2014 so we can share them with others.

Hoop Hugs,
Annie O

Ambassasorable in Mexico!

I had the pleasure of meeting Esmeralda, Kenya and Fer from Mexico – Sonora and Mexico City. Esmeralda<  told me that all the teenagers who hoop are very talented circus style hoopers. Our chat at Hoopcamp got me thinking. When we started giving away hoops several years ago, many were taken to children living in poverty in Mexico. The first few ambassadors and I gave away a few hundred hoops there about 5-7 years ago to 4-10 year olds and to hear that kids that are of the right age are now hooping up a storm makes you wonder. Could it be these kids got their start because of World Hoop Day? It’s certainly possible.

The epic WHD events that occur in Mexico are some of the biggest and I have this gut feeling it is all because of the Ambassador hoop drops we’ve been able to make all over Mexico. Two of three three ladies performed at Hoopcamp this year and they are incredibly talented, dynamic and humble sweeties who brought gigantic tears of joy and huge hoots and hollers.

Tink, Ambassador of the Season!

I first met Tink, aka Kristen, the choreographer of the World Hoop Day Dance a few years back at Hoopcamp and her hair was electric pink! Tink and I have kept in touch not only because she is the mastermind behind the WHD Dance, but because she and her Tokyo hoop friends have donated hundreds of hoops to kids all over Japan.

Ambassadors of 2014

  • Dee Saunders – Jamaica – 25 hoops – “I wanna go back to Jamaica! What an amazing experience.  I arrived at Risen Messiah September 3, 2014. There were so many kids.” Click her name to read more and see her video, which brought a tear to my eye here:
  • Christel – Marseille, France – 75 hoops – “There is a LARGE north and west African population of children that need hoops as much as any child anywhere else in the world (as much as the children in their homelands….”
  • Bryna – Philippines – 17 hoops – A Peace Corps Volunteer, she writes, “toys are a luxury and free time is spent in the street playing with other children. Often times this is with various items found around the barangay (community)- string, tires or wadded up pieces of paper they use to play a game similar to hackey sack.”
  • Anna – Hungary & Croatia – 20 hoops – “I have also a lot of thing to do as an ambassador here in Hungary because hoopdance is not a well known activity here.” 
  • Amaya – Western Sahara – 20 hoops – “FiSahara organizes activities and workshops for the refugees, and I will be teaching them about the power of hooping.”
  • Elizabeth – Jamaica & St. Croix – 100 hoops – “I had to leave my favorite hoop with my friends son Enoch (he is six) to promise him I would return and he wants a black and gold hoop.”
  • Sarah – Hawaii – 20 hoops – “I just got back from a trip to Hawaii, where I donated over 20 hoops for kids in various towns on the Big Island.”
  • Samantha – Alaska – 100 hoops – Ambassador of the Month of January 2014 – “For World Hoop Day 2014 I plan to arrange to travel to Galena and host a World Hoop Day event for the communities surrounding.”
  • Brenda – Pennsylvania – 20 hoops – ” This year we are providing gifts and meals for 320 families who are in need in Centre County.”
Join Our Team

Become a World Hoop Day Ambassador

WHD actively seeks Ambassadors who travel to far, remote locations.  Ambassadors take hoops and materials to give to children and varied communities in need. To find out how you can be an Official World Hoop Day Ambassador, visit us here:

Become a Sponsor

We survive on donations, the love of our sponsors and the will to create a world of peace. Our Gold Star, Silver Spice & Bronze Bead Sponsors all help in different ways to make the mission possible. All of our sponsors are extraordinary people and companies who have a wish to improve the health and well being of others.

Regular donations of hoops and hoop making materials are also a great help to the cause.  We send materials or hand-crafted hoops to Ambassadors who can travel with them to teach locals, like those in Peru, how to tape their own hoop. Visit our Sponsors sites below and help the love go round and round!

Make a Tax Deductible Donation
Support World Hoop Day! Bring joy, peace and freedom to children around the world. Teach about love and sharing across borders. Offer the experience of art, dance and flow.  With your generosity we can send more hoops and more ambassadors around the globe to reach out to children with our sparkly circles of peace.

Donate to World Hoop Day today.

Sonora Spins It Up for World Hoop Day 2014

WHD Sonora Are you ready for World Hoop Day on October 4th, 2014? Hooping Idol 2014 winner Esmeralda Garcia and her hoop friends in Sonora, Mexico, certainly are. It’s their second World Hoop Day celebration and their hosting a two day event in Sonora with workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced hoopers, an exciting NIGHT GALA hooping celebration, hoop jams, and a whole lot more. If you need a jump start to get your World Hoop Day 2014 plans going we’ve got it for you here. The soundtrack is from The Hooping Life by Basement Jaxx.

Your World Hoop Day 2014 Planning Guide

worldhoopday2014 by Hoopin’ Annie and Philo Hagen

With the celebration of World Hoop Day 2014 now less than a month away, if you haven’t already figured out your plans for how you and your area will be spending October 4th, 2014, then now is the time for making that happen. Perhaps there is already an event being organized in your city and you can help by sharing your support and enthusiasm in whatever ways are needed most? But what if there isn’t something on the calendar where you live. When hoopers all over the planet celebrate World Hoop Day this year, do you really want to be left out of the mix?

If you’re thinking you’re just one person and there isn’t enough time, think again. A few years ago Kevin O’Keefe stopped at a small coffee shop in New Orleans and started talking about World Hoop Day. The owner loved the idea and decided to send out press releases. A local hoop group heard the news and donated hoops. Musicians were inspired and came out to play. People ended up showing up to celebrate from all over and it made the evening news, all because one person stopped at a coffee shop a few days before World Hoop Day in 2010. If all that can transpire in less than a week, what can you do with three whole weeks still left to prepare? Here’s Ten Great Tips to help you rock World Hoop Day 2014 where you live.

1: Know Your WHD: Before you even begin it’s important to read up on World Hoop Day so that you can tell others in 10-30 seconds exactly what it is and what it means to you. The World Hoop Day website is chock full of info. In a nutshell, however, World Hoop Day is a non-profit charity that raises money to give away hoops to children around the world in need, and it is also an international holiday where people gather together to hoop for health, peace, love and joy.

2. Location, Location, Location: Most World Hoop Day events are held in public parks. Some people choose farmer’s markets, community centers, school gyms, beaches… Choosing the best venue for your World Hoop Day really depends on where you live, which hemisphere you’re in, and your anticipated number of hoopers. Given that World Hoop Day is a really great day for promoting hooper visibility with a great cause attached to it, you might want to consider a public place where you will be noticed. That way you can use the event to help spread the hoop love to anyone just passing by and maybe get them to donate a buck or two to gift a hoop to a kid in another part of the world. Flash Hoop mobs have also become a popular way to start in one spot and hoop parade through town spreading the word too. Other things to consider in choosing a great location include convenience to a public restroom and public transit access so nobody has to miss out on the fun.

3. Ask Permission: Does your desired location require a park permit, performance insurance or rental fee? Usually these answers are only a phone call away. If it’s possible, however, talking to the powers that be in your area in person has been known to sometimes help the cause exponentially. There are many WHD stories now where the personal approach resulted in fees being waived, even locations signing on as a co-sponsor, once they truly understood what the World Hoop Day mission was all about. Also, if you show up playing the part of a responsible looking adult, whether you actually are a responsible looking adult or not, it’s been our experience that anything can happen.

You might even be able to get the unofficial inside scoop on how to make such an event happen too. I remember a World Hoop Day story about a helpful city worker who told a group that if they wanted a permit for World Hoop Day it was going to cost them several hundred dollars, “but if you were to host a political rally of hooping for world peace, well, that would be free under the first amendment. You are planning to hula hoop in protest for World Peace on the property that day, right?” It’s unlikely you’ll ever get that kind of candor on the phone.

In the end, even if your location does end up having fees attached to using it, if you can’t cover these costs out of pocket, perhaps you can be reimbursed by holding a raffle, asking for donations or charging admission. Whatever the case, finding out the facts will help you make an informed location decision, and will help you avoid having your event unexpectedly shut down by the powers that be.

4. Plan The Day: World Hoop Day 2014 is happening on Saturday, October 4th. Before you go making a flyer or writing a press release you’ll need to decide on a time. When it comes to planning the rest of your itinerary, well, World Hoop Day plans can range from incredibly simple to very ambitious. A simple plan might be to schedule a hoopjam for an hour and have a donation box to benefit World Hoop Day. Ambitious plans might include a silent auction, a performance showcase, free classes, coordinating with local children’s organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs – for not only gifting hoops locally, but to have them there for the hooping celebration. Maybe people would like to perform. Maybe a favorite local DJ or band would want to be on hand for it too. Some cities even organize a full day of activities.

5. Support World Hoop Day Itself: It’s always great if you can include some support for World Hoop Day in your planning. The majority of the money WHD receives each year comes from us. That money then gets turned around to the WHD Ambassadors who literally travel with hand-made hoops, hand delivering them to children without toys around the world. Donations can be made directly to World Hoop Day, or its fiscal sponsor MarinLink. And yes, all your WHD contributions are tax deductible.

6. Recruit: Once you’ve got the plan figured out, ask for help from friends and friends of friends to make hoops, DJ, bring food, take photos, teach classes, create flyers, perform, write press releases and spread the word online. When approached with more of a clear idea and a schedule you’ll likely find there are lots of people who will be willing to help.

7. Promote World Hoop Day: In the all too grim world of the media, most news agencies won’t pass by a story opportunity like World Hoop Day. Hula hoops to help needy kids is a winner every time, but they have to know about it in order to report it. Writing a press release and sending it to the media in your area will not only help promote the event, you may very well discover hoopers in your area you didn’t even know about, as well as recruit new ones. Many people will happily jump on the band wagon to hula hoop for a specific day and cause that wouldn’t ordinarily be willing to do so. Take advantage of it, and don’t be surprised if the media turns up at the actual event with a camera crew, or invite you to do a guest spot hooping on the air before the event to help you get people to come on out.

8: Think Globally: Be sure to send your event information to World Hoop Day so others can find you and you can watch your event appear on the Google World Hoop Day map as soon as possible. You can also learn the World Hoop Day Dance for 2014 and teach it, film it and send your video in for inclusion in a final global edited World Hoop Day Dance video project. Whatever you do, when you’re talking about World Hoop Day, let people know this really is happening world wide. Last year events were held on all six major continents.

9. Hoops Hoops Hoops!: What’s World Hoop Day without hoops, right? Pre-World Hoop Day hoop-making parties are a great way to not only encourage community involvement, but at the end of the party you’ll have a whole bunch of hoops on hand for people to use at your event and to gift to local kids in need in your area. Some World Hoop Day events plan for having a hoop making station at the event as well. Those who have never made a hoop before are often quite excited to help with the process, even those who may not want to actually hoop themselves. Ask for donations to cover the cost of your materials. And if you just don’t have the energy or interest or live somewhere that hoop making just isn’t going to happen, remember that donations to World Hoop Day all will take care of doing that work for you.

10. Gratitude: While it is helpful to remember an attitude of gratitude throughout all of your event planning and organization, as manners and politeness go much further with a smile, keep a list of those who have contributed to your World Hoop Day event along the way too and be sure to thank everyone who gave of their materials, time, energy and donations. You can also keep a list of names and emails who are interested in carrying on the hoop fun all year round.

Whatever you end up doing for World Hoop Day 2014, we look forward to sharing the day hooping with you wherever you are, hearing all about it what happened, and seeing all of your photos and videos from your event – no matter how large or small. Here’s wishing everyone a very exciting World Hoop Day 2014 and if any local World Hoop Day organizers out there have gained any other tips they’ve found to be particularly valuable, please share them below.