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Power To The People Spins Creative World Peace Project

Power To The People

Do you ever find yourself wishing that the people had more power? Are you someone who finds yourself dreaming about world peace? Well, the Power To The People project is a non profit World Peace Day movement of music and creativity that already has hoopers getting involved. Built around the Basement Jaxx track “Power to the People”, a Universally positive song that empowers our interconnectedness on this planet, the lyrics express that when people come together, amazing things can happen. And it’s spinning up a celebration to do just that. Give it a listen and get inspired.

[Niara Scarlett sings the original Basement Jaxx version on the streets and in London’s Camden district.]

Basement Jaxx says, “We are looking for people around the world to create versions of the song, in every language, in every musical style, celebrating the richness and diversity of humanity. All the versions will be able to be heard/watched/mixed together online on the Power to the People fm player. We want musicians, singers, dancers, filmmakers, and artists from all over the world to come together and create. We want to share your stories, encourage collaboration, inspire and have fun.”

Their ultimate goal is to create and release a version of “Power To The People” with the people of the world on World Peace Day, September 21, 2014, with all proceeds going to charity, so it’s really no wonder that hoopers are already getting involved.

[Malcolm Stuart from Los Angeles, California, USA, Nick Guzzardo of Castle Rock, Colorado, USA, Rebecca Halls from Berlin, Germany, and Tiana Zoumer of Oakland, California, USA, spin it up. Video by Amy Goldstein.]

The personal responsible for spinning up the peace, power and creativity above is Amy Goldstein, the Hoopie Award winning film director of The Hooping Life, the super cool documentary about the modern hoop dance movement. She, “We’re thrilled to be part of the Power to the People project. It’s all about how when people come together amazing things can happen, and that’s what happened and continues to happen with hooping. People feel happy cause they are moving with a very touchy feely dance partner, the hoop! Hoopers were naturally drawn to create communities to share it. The hoop has been a strong tool for female empowerment and so much more. That’s why we had to make a movie about it! It’s about getting the word out. It’s about participating, being involved and the Power to the People project is about collaborating, creating and having fun with people all over the world, just like we are with hooping!”

And others around the world are already getting involved as well.

[Yasmin is half French & half Brazilian and lives in London, England, UK, singing with her father Jerome.]

[The Paraguay Recycled Orchestra make beautiful music from recycled materials.]

[Simran & Virpal perform their version using the Tabla and Santoor on their farm surrounded by their beloved goats.]

[Vocals in Turkish by Turkish/English rapper AK09, and singer Seda Demir with Italian guitarist Andrea Terrano.]

[The Gospel Essence Choir perform their submission in a rehearsal hall in East London, England, UK.]

The People Got The Power project is looking for musicians and artist to perform different versions of the song and send them in. They’ve split the song into 4 stems/elements – The Vocal, the Chorus, the Drums/Bass and the Music, inviting the world to perform just one or all. The only stipulation is you record your version at 120bpm and that it is the same duration as the template track. Why? Basement Jaxx says, “Once we have enough versions, that’s when the fun really starts, as people at home will be able to chose individual elements and create their own truly unique mixes. They’ll be able to bring vocals from one country together with music from another and visuals from even further away.”

That’s where visuals come in too. They say, “They’re a huge part of this project and we’re looking for you guys to take the music and film yourselves bringing life to the spirit of the song. It doesn’t have to be filmed on professional equipment, it could even be filmed on a camera phone. The key is that you enjoy the process of making/performing/creating and you share it with us.” So hoop, sing, dance, create and spread the word and spread the love, because when the people come together we have the power to do anything (on Facebook, Twitter, Website).


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The Hooping Life Music Video by Basement Jaxx

The Hooping Life Music Video 2 Yesterday we were psyched to tell you that The Hooping Life DVD is finally here, Yay! The DVD wasn’t the only thing related to the film we’ve been ever so anxiously waiting on though. You see, a couple years ago we got news that The Hooping Life documentary was being soundtracked by Basement Jaxx, and they’d even written a song about hooping just for the film. How incredible was it to hear that a music artist we’ve all hooped to countless times had made a song just for us, not to mention that they were sharing their musical genius soundtracking the film? Very incredible, to say the least. Hoopers were invited to learn some choreography to be in the music video for the single too. So much rehearsing and hooping and filming happened, and then it all quietly slipped into the ether – until now.

hoopinglifemusicvideo3 With the release of the The Hooping Life DVD also comes the release of the music video for the original theme song “The Hooping Life”. Written and performed by Basement Jaxx, the video features dozens of hoopers who worked with choreographers Malcolm Stuart and Rebecca Halls. Malcolm was also the costume designer for it, and the visuals for the music video are based on his artwork. Are you ready to see it? Without any further ado, here it is!

The Hooping Life track by Basement Jaxx is currently unreleased, but get this! They’re giving it away to the hooping community leading up to its actual release so right now we can go ahead and download it for free on The Hooping Life website. So go get your copy and have fun hooping it up to The Hooping Life.

The Hooping Life DVD is Finally Here

The Hooping Life DVD by Philo Hagen

One of the questions I’ve heard so many times I’ve lost count has been, “When will there be a DVD available of The Hooping Life that I can get my hands on?” Well, dear hooper, I finally have a rock solid answer for you, and it’s all happening very soon. In fact, pre-orders for your DVD copy of the Hoopie Award winning documentary film from Director Amy Goldstein are officially being accepted starting today. The Hooping Life, for those that might be new to the community, takes an up close and personal look at the early years of the modern hoop dance movement. Featuring Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach, Christabel “Hoopgirl” Zamor, Karis Wilde, Baxter, Tisha Marina Bernard, Sass Schultz, the gang from Groovehoops and more, the film made quite the splash in the film festival circuit a few years ago. In fact, everyone I talked to at the premieres had one thing to say about it whether they were hoopers yet or not. It’s inspiring.

Goldstein put video cameras directly into the hands of several noteworthy hoopers with stories to tell and off they went to film their lives. The results became an integral part of first film that captures the origins and rise of hooping, telling eight extraordinary stories of fellow hoop devotees who embraced the circle as an art form, a teaching aid, even an instrument of redemption. From the streets, to the clubs, to giant arenas, spectacularly filmed performances as well celebrate the healing power of movement, as well as the spirit of human inventiveness. The Hooping Life also has a killer soundtrack by Basement Jaxx, additional music by The Scissor Sisters and an appearance by hooping jam-band legends The String Cheese Incident. There’s also brand new artwork too that we really love.

The Hooping Life DVD

The Hooping Life will be fully available on April 22nd, and you’ll be able to get it not only on DVD, but also on VOD (Major Cable/Satellite/Telco systems), as well as Digital download (Major IVOD platforms include iTunes Worldwide). That’s less than a month from now, but you should also know that there are perks that come with going the hard copy pre-order route. A) You know you’ll get one before everybody else, and B) Hoopers that pre-order the DVD at $29.90 can host a free public screening of it in their community between April 17 and May 17, 2014. “We believe in the butterfly effect,” Goldstein explained, adding, “by hosting a screening of the first documentary feature about hooping, the community can grow exponentially. And it’s way more fun to watch and hoop with others.”

As many already know, screenings of the film came with a $500 price tag in recent years, so to be able to show it in your community and inspire even more hoopiness is quite the incentive. When asked more about it Amy said, “Included with the pre-order we are offering you the possibility to screen the film with an audience. Screen The Hooping Life in your community for a celebration of hooping. Screen it in your living room, pool, backyard with your friends, families and neighbors, at your school, college, library, community center, local coffee shop, at work…” The possibilities are actually pretty endless, and whether you’re a hooper, hoop-curious or totally new to hooping, The Hooping Life is a movie that not only makes you move, it really allows us a cool way to organize a fun event that is truly a phenomenal vehicle to help build a hoop community around you. You can pre-order it on their website.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Elana Millman Spins The Morning Show

Elana Millman on The Morning Show Hoop dance instructor Elana Millman of Sugar Hoops recently stopped by the set of The Morning Show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to introduce Liza Fromer and viewers to hooping and the art of hoop dance. Millman promises that hooping is an activity that will “relax your mind, bring out your inner dancer and warm your soul” and we couldn’t agree more. Fromer, who hadn’t picked up a hoop in probably thirty years, asks if you can get a workout from hooping. Millman explains, “It is absolutely exercise in disguise! You are able to tone every single muscle group in a really efficient way and it’s so much fun you don’t even realize that you’re exercising.” Millman then gives everyone a lesson in the basics of hooping and before you know it Froman is spinning it up with a smile on her face. In fact, it looks like Millman has recruited another hooper when Fromer says, “Maybe this is my sport? Who knew hula hooping was my sport!” Elana confirms, “It is wildly addictive.” Watch the whole great segment here on The Morning Show.

The Hooping Life Screenings Spin It Up

The Hooping Life The Hooping Life, the documentary film about the roots of the modern hoop dance movement, continued spinning things up around the world in recent weeks with screenings in Paris, Chicago, New York City, Winnipeg, Dallas, Memphis and several other cities. Most of the screenings were quite public, while some were rather organized, but the results always resulted in everybody spinning it up. By director Amy Goldstein, The Hooping Life was filmed over six years, following the lives of several noteworthy hoopers in our community. And as you probably already know, the screenings of The Hooping Life have routinely been so much more than a movie ever since they began. With workshops to teach others how to hoop, performance showcases, hoop jams with DJs and live music and more, seeing this movie is always an event. Let’s take a closer look!

Memphis Hooper Troopers Spin Up Community

Memphis Hooper Troopers Chloe O’Hearn was bored by exercise until she discovered hooping and now the 36-year-old hooper from Memphis, Tennessee, hopes the hoop will improve the lives of the kids of Youth Villages. “Hooping is something the kids of Youth Villages can carry with them as a coping skill or just a way to have fun. A lot of the kids there don’t really get an opportunity to just be kids,” she told the Commercial Appeal. “When I first started hooping, it was a really stressful point in my life, and hooping was a good way for me to relax and not think about things. It takes a lot of concentration to do things with hoops. Repetitive motion has a soothing effect on the brain.” O’Hearn got into hooping when she discovered there were hooping classes where she was taking bellydance lessons. Members of a group called the Hooper TroopersAdriene Holland, Megan Simpson and Abbey Pommer – reeled her in. Starting off as friends who hooped together, the Hooper Troopers were invited to hoop at the Memphis Farmers Market in 2009. “We went there, and all of these opportunities just started opening up for us to start hooping in the city,” Holland explained. Now they’re looking to spread the news even further. Melissa Wiggins, Charity Novick and the Hooper Troopers are screening The Hooping Life on Saturday, August 4th, at the Memphis Botanic Garden (tickets here). Proceeds from the event will benefit Youth Villages.

The Hooping Life Spins New York City and More

Hoop Jam Since The Hoop Movement launched two years ago in Brooklyn, New York, founder Amy Rogers and the movement she is spear heading have been slowly gathering steam. They were spotted on the hill at Wanderlust NYC last summer, a hoop jam took place in Washington Square Park in November, a new class series is set to launch in Central Park next month for anyone who’s eager to learn and they’re hosting a screening of the documentary film The Hooping Life this Sunday. “Hooping can serve as a form of fitness and movement meditation,” Rogers told Well + Good NYC, while emphasizing that it’s a serious and super-fun workout. “I can tell you first hand that drilling new moves can certainly work muscles in new ways, and getting into a flow can be a sweat-drenching cardio workout,” she says. As for the NYC premiere of the film that tells the true stories of eight inspiring hooping artists, you can expect to see some performances this weekend with a hoop-centric dance party after. Tickets are available here. And readers in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, can catch the film there on Saturday as well. Next weekend the film is screening in Paris, France and Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The Hooping Life: Milton Keynes UK

The Hooping Life recently premiered in the UK at The Madcap Performing Arts Centre in Milton Keynes, and for those of us that weren’t there, here’s what happened. The event, hosted by Janine Haynes of Spirit Hoop Cake, included performances by Naomi, Paul Lightning and Sharna Rose. DJ Stevie Vega played for the hoop jam after party. The film is screening next in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on June 8th, and in the Philadelphia area in Merchantville, New Jersey, USA, on June 23rd. Why not bring the film to your town?