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Camille St. Martin performs at the 2014 Denver Decompression event. Photo by Detour Aftermath photography

Camille St Martin at Denver Decompression

Camille St. Martin shows some seriously impressive foot hooping skills and flexibility at Denver Decompression 2014. She lives in Crested Butte, Colorado, USA. Photo by Detour Aftermath Photography.


Day of the Dead Hooping with Tika Hoop

Tika Hoop, otherwise known as KarTikasari Klaresta, can’t mask her love of hooping at a Dia De Los Muertos celebration held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She lives in Ketchikan, Alaska, USA. Photo by Mary...


Indigo Sky

Indigo Sky of Elemental Motion Hoop Dance by Indigo Sky spins a hula hoop around her knee in a cool red costume. Love it! She lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Deaja Mkhallati exclaims her love of hooping while performing at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival

Deaja Mkhallati Screams for Hooping

Deaja Mkhallati exclaims her love for hooping while performing at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival. She lives in Davis, California, USA. Photo by Ted Wilson Photography.


Lizzy Andrew at SWhoop 2014

Lizzy Andrew concentrates on hoop moves being taught on the first day of SWhoop 2014 in Bristol. She lives in Sheffield, England, UK. Photo by Babz Robinson.

Fill Your Eyes Breckenridge

Hooping in the Ice Castles

Jena Schlosser, otherwise known as Jena Anne, is hooping in the Ice Castles in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA. Photo by Fill Your Eyes Photography.

Athena Hoops' elbow hoop skills glow in this neon photo taken at the Science Museum of Virginia

Athena Hoops in Neon

Athena Hoops‘ elbow hooping skills glow in this electric photo taken at the Science Museum of Virginia. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Photo by PD Murphy Photography.

Linda Zuroski

Sunset Hooping with Linda Zuroski

Linda Zuroski spins her hoop and creates this beautiful sunset silhouette. Photo taken by her husband, photographer Barry Zuroski. Stunning! She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.


Autumn Hooping with Amy Hoopsalot

Amy Hoopsalot spins it up surrounded by beautiful autumn leaves at Shenandoah National Park in Front Royal, Virginia, USA. Love it! Photo by James Peoples.

Romina Micheletty beams as she spins the hoop above her head

Romina Micheletty Hula Hoops

Romina Micheletty of the Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione de Paris beams as she spins a hoop above her head. She lives in Paris, France. Photo by Friedrich Klawiter.

Kaleida Kinetic

Natale Szabo Spins What The Festival

Natale Szabo of Kaleida Kinetic and Hoopular spins up a performance at What The Festival in Oregon. Love it! She lives in Spokane, Washington, USA. Photo by Brooke Bass Photography.