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Native American and Aboriginal Hoop Dance

Native American Hoop Dance with Lumhe Micco Sampson

lumemicco Luhme Micco Sampson of Sampson Bros demonstrates his Native American hoop dance skills in this video created by PK in Santa Fe. With a multitude of hoops, Luhme brings them to life as he dances to the talented and marvelous music of Robert Mirabal and Robby Romero, performing live at the Santa Fe Bandstand…

Celebrating Indigenous People’s Day with Tyrese and Kailayne Jensen

jensensens is celebrating Indigenous People’s Day today and Tyrese Jensen and Kailayne Jensen of YellowHouse Dancers’ hoop dance configurations not only preserve their Native American tradition and culture through song, music, and dance, these two are amazing to watch. The brother and sister duo execute various formations with exciting confidence and clarity and they split their time between Mesa, Arizona, during the school year, and Dilkon, Arizona, USA, on the Navajo reservation. They’re dancing to the rhythm and tempo of traditional music performed lived.