Hooping with Karen Castillo Flores


Karen Castillo Flores of Delirio hula hoop puebla loves to hula hoop and she has spun up something that we all fell in love with with her new video that she is calling “Black Hoop”. Filmed in beautiful black and white, her twin hooping skills and her passion are so …

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Fernanda Sumano at World Juggling Day

Fernanda Sumano concentrates while she maneuvers three hoops.

Fernanda Sumano of Casa de Artes y Circo Contemporáneo concentrates while maneuvering three hoops for her act in the 2014 World Juggling Day performance gala. She lives in Mexico City, Mexico. Photo by Angel Villarreal – Fotógrafo y vaguito.

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Ricardo Cancino’s One Year Hoopiversary

cancinowhd Ricardo Cancino celebrated one year of hooping on World Hoop Day itself by making this sensational video. We’re quite impressed to see how much he learned in a year, and he’s definitely someone to keep your eye on in the future. Ricardo lives in Mexico City, Mexico, and the soundtrack here is called “Never Forget You” by Noisettes and can be added to your music library on iTunes.

The Dazzling Hula Hoop Kids of Puerto Vallarta

puertovallartahooping In this video, Marcela Garcia delighted us with a montage featuring her talented hula hoop students from the Danzirco School of Performing Arts (Danzirco Escuela de artes escénicas) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We are seriously impressed by how talented this group of children are as they demonstrate their skills in front of the camera. There are kids of all ages, multiple hoops, and some serious hoop savviness to behold. The soundtrack is “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen and it can be readily added to your music library on iTunes.

World Hoop Day 2014: Part 2


by Philo Hagen World Hoop Day brought hoopers together this earlier this month in cities and towns all around the world. If you missed Part 1 of our World Hoop Day coverage, hoopers gathered on the first Saturday of October in support of world peace and raised funds to help …

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Hoop Dance with Judith Ariaz Belmarez

youdidance Don’t you wish you could just get outside, crank up the tunes and hoop dance right now? Judith ARiaz BelmaRez of You Did ARt does just that and she’s a joy to watch in this. Give her a minute to really get going too because it’s worth it. She lives in Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico, and the soundtrack playing here is the extended remix of “(Can You) Feel The Vibe” by Axwell and you can get a copy of it for your own hoop jam on iTunes.

World Hoop Day 2014 (Part 1)


by Philo Hagen World Hoop Day brought hoopers together this weekend in cities and towns all around the world. Celebrated for the second time in it’s new timeslot, the first Saturday of October, hoopers all over this big blue marble were hooping it up in support of world peace and …

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Sonora Spins It Up for World Hoop Day 2014

WHD Sonora Are you ready for World Hoop Day on October 4th, 2014? Hooping Idol 2014 winner Esmeralda Garcia and her hoop friends in Sonora, Mexico, certainly are. It’s their second World Hoop Day celebration and their hosting a two day event in Sonora with workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced hoopers, an exciting NIGHT GALA hooping celebration, hoop jams, and a whole lot more. If you need a jump start to get your World Hoop Day 2014 plans going we’ve got it for you here. The soundtrack is from The Hooping Life by Basement Jaxx.

Hooping Around Europe with Asiul Morales Ordoñez

Milan Italy We love travelogues of people hooping it up on their vacations, but few even come close to sharing as many truly amazing locations to spin things up as this one does. Asiul Morales Ordoñez documented her travels all over Europe and we totally loved going along for the ride. Watch for a couple appearances by her invisible hoop later on as well. She lives in Mexico and the soundtrack for this is “Prayer in C (Robin Schulz Remix) by Lilly Wood & The Prick & Robin Schulz and you can get your copy on iTunes.

Hair Hooping with Kali Garcia

kaligarcia Have you ever wanted to learn how to hoop with your hair? Kali Garcia, otherwise known as Bambinitha Kali, is here with a tutorial to teach all of us how to make it happen. Her tutorial is in Espanol, but even if you don’t speak any Spanish you’ll be able to follow right along. Two things you will need for learning this move though are a light weight hoop and hair that is long enough to be able to make it work. Kali lives in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico.

Fer Ramiruz at Summer Hooping Mexico

Fez Ramiruz

Fer Ramiruz and her hoops stand tall on the bridge at Summer Hooping Mexico 2014. She lives in Mexico City, Mexico. Photo by photographer Estefania Ponce.

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Tebo Noseqe Spins Twins and Multiple Hula Hoops

Tebo-Noseqe Tebo Noseqe of HoopalooH and Morfosis AC is making his hooping.org debut with this impressive spin session. One hoop, two hoops, three hoops, four. Watch for some impressive work with twins and multiple hoops and more. He’s definitely someone we all want to keep an eye on in the future. Tebo currently lives in Mexico City, Mexico, and the soundtrack for this is called “Break Free (feat. Zedd)” by Ariana Grande and you can find a copy of it for your very own over on iTunes.

Hooping It Up with Mane Almqvist

Mane Almqvist hooping Mane Almqvist, otherwise known as Manuel Jimenez, is back and such a pro when it comes to hooping in small spaces. He knows how to dazzle us while having a great time doing it too. We love all the kicks he incorporates into his hoop dance with those oh so smooth transitions too! Mane lives in Mexico City, Distrito Federale, Mexico, and the soundtrack he’s hooping to is “That Man” by Caro Emerald and you can get your copy on iTunes.

Hooping at MUJAM: The Mexico Museum of Antique Toys

MUJAMTalleres Here you will find a great deal of summer fun and lots of smiling faces with the many talented hoopers who were at a summer workshop for all ages at MUJAM, the Mexico Museum of Antique Toys in Mexico City. This museum has the largest collection of toys in Mexico and offers a playful space to explore a different outlook on local history and culture. The video starts with a brief tour of the museum then watch as the hoops roll to give us a presentation of each person’s hoop skills with an elaborate mural as their backdrop. This was filmed and edited by Fer Sumano and Gustavo Luna, aka El Bubu. They live in Mexico City, Mexico, and the soundtrack is “Tico Tico” by Perez Prado and you can get a copy for your collection on iTunes.

Hooping with Ricardo Trejo

Ricardo Trejo hooping Ricardo Trejo first caught our eye a few months ago and he’s at it again with this recent video. He begins with one hoop, but about halfway through he adds another one to the mix and spins up double the fun. He puts some new twists on common double hooping moves too which really gives him his own style. Keep an eye on this guy cause he’s definitely one to watch. We’re pretty sure he lives in Mexico City, Mexico, and the soundtrack for this is “See Dem Grow Riddim” by Babyclone Band and IkaRooTs MuZiK and it’s available for you to download on Amazon.

A Hoopers Paradise with Dia Seskin

Dia Seskin Dia Seskin really spins it up right while traveling in beautiful Panama. Not just the scenery, but Dia’s chest rolls, duck ins and trickery makes this something not to miss. Sit back, relax, and have a hoop holiday of your own. The footage was shot by her sister Alix Seskin of Elsol Films. Dia lives in Buffalo, New York, USA, and the soundtrack is “DTW to DIA (the travels of Mr. B)” by Griz, which can be easily found to download on iTunes.