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Hoop Dancing with Akira

We rarely get to see Akira hoop and he was spotted recently showing off his amazing hoop dance skills at a street performance gathering in Osaka. Check out his smooth and funky flow as...

RK Spinburne

RK Spinburne Spins the Purple!

RK Spinburne spins up the purple at Ziggy Stardust night at Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco party in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Photo by Lola Star.


Cosmic Fall Hooping with Rob Grader

Rob Grader of the Cosmic Hooper’s Emporium of Bliss and the Asheville Hoops Troupe takes us on a magical journey into the misty mountains – and makes his debut in the process. He’s...

Judson Kimble

Big Autumn Hooping with Judson Kimble

Some hoopers like their hoops little and some hoopers like ‘em big. They don’t, however, really get too much bigger than this. Judson Kimble of recently made a 7 foot hoop and he...