Silhouette Hooping with Oliver Hart

Oliver-Hart Oliver Hart makes his debut on with a video filmed at sunset that shows off both his hooping and balancing skills too. Occasionally perched on a post while standing on one leg, Oliver still manages to spin both single and double hoops without losing his balance. He’s been hooping for seven months and spins up more hoop tech skills here too in silhouette. He lives in Laguna Beach, California, USA, and his soundtrack for this is “Luminous Axiom” by Desert Dwellers, which you can easily download a copy of for your own collection over on iTunes.

Tony Duncan Celebrates Life with Hoop Dance

Tony Duncan Tony Duncan of Tony Duncan Productions puts on another amazing Native American hoop dance performance to celebrate and honor life through dance. The five-time World Champion Hoop Dancer and performing artist does a great job of telling a story with his hoops on a sunny day for all to enjoy. His hoop dance doesn’t skip a beat either here and he’s always impressive to watch. Tony lives in Mesa, Arizona, USA, and the soundtrack for his performance is live music accompaniment, and speaking of music, check out some of his over on iTunes.

Imagine Spacedragons

spacedragon He may not be a contestant on Hooping Idol this year, but Jeremy Rand, otherwise known as SpaceDragon The Clown, decided to make a video inspired by Hooping Idol, which turned out to be a success! He is seriously nailing some advanced moves too and that work with the mini-hoop really caught our eye. He lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA, and the song he’s hooping to is “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, which you can easily download a copy of for your own collection from on iTunes.

Cosmic Chris Spins His First Hoopiversary

cosmicchris Hitting the mark for his one year hoopiversary, Christopher Hawley, also known as Cosmic Chris, celebrates this special occasion by hooping at Sunset Park in Sedona. He rocks some awesome angles on his shoulders and chest with elegant movements, even when breaking in the other direction. He makes vertical chest hooping look like no effort at all too! Filmed by Kiana KikiMa Prema, Chris lives in West Sedona, Arizona, USA, and the soundtrack for this is called “Whistling in the Dark” by Phaeleh (featuring Augustus Ghost), and it can be added to your music collection quite easily over on iTunes.

Hooping It Up with Mike Raus

Mike Raus Mike Raus returns to with a new hooping video thanks to the weather getting better where he lives. Warmer temperatures inspired him to get outside and flow and he’s definitely enjoying it as he dances with the sun shining brightly behind him. Mike lives in Hamilton, New Jersey, USA, and the soundtrack to this video is called “Saigon Stomp” by Andreilien, which can be added to your own music collection over on iTunes.

Dudes Can Hoop with Josh Wright

Josh Wright Josh Wright has pulled his hoop out of the cold and into the sunshine to shake off winter and dance into spring. Letting us know in high speed that “Dudes Can Hoop….Epically”, Josh rocks the high vibe on the vertical plane, tumbling in and out of barrel rolls and into some neat isolations and flow. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is “Hideaway” by Kiesza, which you can download a copy of for your own playlist over on iTunes.

A Hoop Jam in Costa Rica

hooping costa rica Everyone is smiling, laughing and having a great time spinning it up at this hoop jam in Costa Rica. This short but sweet little video from Hoopnosis Costa Rica does a great job of capturing the fun spirit of a hooptastic get-together, and one hooper’s fantastic rainbow hoop fits right in as he rocks some on-body hooping. It all happens in San Jose, Costa Rica, and the soundtrack for this is “Atrevete Te Te” by Calle 13, and you can snag a copy for yourself over on iTunes.