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Jessica Leopard

Jessica Leopard and her LED hoops light things up in Birmingham. She lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. Photo by MikePics Jimenez.

Lady Hoops: Glow

) Check out Lady Hoops of Hoop Dance Montreal, otherwise known as Marianne Trenka, in her new hooping video that features her playing with her LED hoops at night. The video is short, but sweet and…

The Kaleidoscope Collective’s Hoop Saga

) Last fall we were introduced to the Kaleidoscope Collective and in their latest “hoop saga” we find them spinning things up from the edge of Puget Sound to the stage. With colorful hoops in…

Ashley Frizzle Frye

Ashley Frizzle Frye’s new demo video spins up the LED lights at the club, as well as sets the night on fire with some fire hooping action too. It’s rare that we see LED and…

Star Ore

This stunning shot of Star Ore LED hooping was taken by Mariano Balane Photography. Wow! He lives in Manila, Philippines.

Elyse Chelsea Clark

Elyse Chelsea Clark and her LED hoop light up the night in this great shot by Sam Ballin of the Canoe Club Collective. She lives Destrehan, Louisiana, USA.

Ciara Blossom and Noah Shipley

Ciara Blossom of Spunlight Hoops spins her LED hoop high in the night sky, acro hooping with Noah Shipley. They live in Austin, Texas, USA. Photo by John Gutierrez.