LED Hoops

LED Hoop Dancing with Ashlei Nichols

Ashlei Nichols LED Hooping Ashlei Nichols takes her LED hoop out after dark and with the picturesque skyline of Charlotte behind her, she spins up an enchanting hoop dance that captivated us from start to finish. With grace and a little sass, Ashlei is a delight to watch. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is “Reconsider (Jamie XX Edit)” by The XX and you can get a copy of it for your own collection quite easily over on .

A Fluorescent LED Hooping Duet with Flow & Ila

ledhulahoop Flow & Ila, otherwise known as Fiorella Furbettis and Ilaria Morgana Martorella, return to hooping.org in this collaborative led hooping video. Synchronizing their LED hoop dancing for your entertainment with black light reactive body paint, coordinated outfits, and groovin’ beats galore, these two are ready to dazzle you. Don’t miss it! Video Editing by Manuela Bockstaele. Fluo Body Painting by SolART & Eugenia Skia Wmwm. They currently live in Turin, Italy, and the soundtrack for this one is by Simo Andumatek, and you can find more of their music over on SoundCloud.

Jleon & Stylust Beat’s Dark Paradise

Dark Paradise Tiana Zoumer of TianaZoumer.com and Morgan Jenkins of Hooptown Hotties have created a masterpiece of hoop dance for the official music video for Jleon & Stylust Beats’ brand new track “Dark Paradise”. Conceptualized and choreographed by Tiana, 6 Powerful Women adorned wield circles of light, dancing together in ceremony, connecting the stories that move through them to inspire the light “to rise in a Dark Paradise”. Also featuring Lauren Shaw, Lulu Lam, Surka Noelle and Faeryn Rose. Directed by Morgan Jenkins and cinematography and editing by Gabriel Mann. Their “Dark Paradise” soundtrack is available on iTunes.

Galaxy Hoop Dance with Jaclyn Kee West

Jaclyn Kee West Parental content warning, may be NSFW: partial nudity: Jaclyn Kee West stars in DRT Nation’s Galaxy Hoop Dance video. Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in a county demolished building and an abandoned elementary school, Jaclyn hoops through the ruins by day, and lights up the night with her LED hoop. Professional make-up artists were brought in to create Jaclyn’s daytime costume purely out of tape and used airbrushing to create the galaxy on her body for the evening shots. Created and filmed by DRT Nation’s Sean and Zane Tackett, Jaclyn lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The soundtrack for this is “Say My Name (Jai Wolf Remix)” by ODESZA which you can download your very own copy of on iTunes. Want more? Watch behind the scenes footage here.