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Bárbara Francesquine Hoops in Color

Bárbara Francesquine spins up something colorful at the BoiKOT Festival in Bezzeros, Brazil. She lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Photo by Wilker Lúcio / WShoots.

Birdie B. Hoopie

Birdie B. Hoopie of the Disc Jam Hoop Tribe fills her life with color while hooping and wanding at Rock n Roll Resort, a music festival in Kerhonkson, New York. She lives in Stone Ridge,…

Faeryn Rose

Faeryn Rose of Hypnotic Hoop Dance lights up Grateful Generation’s ABunDance at Lure in Hollywood. She lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. Photo by Emily Gummig Photography.

Mckenzey Simper: Ghost Hoop 2

Mckenzey Simper blew us away last year with Ghost Hoop and now she’s back with another brilliantly edited video marvel from Lunar Bear that literally left us with big cheesey grins on our faces all…

Megan James

Megan James spins up a hoop dance on the rooftops of Chicago that you won’t want to miss. With her awesome photo print leggings, focus and hoop skills, these scenes set in places like the…


Sylvi, otherwise known as Ashley Marie Sylvester, spins up a hoop performance in Chicago and the end result is a shimmer of spinning hoops and lights and more in The Windy City. With her violet…

Lily Raptor

In this short, sweet, and fabulous hoop video, Lily Raptor of the Chivaree Circus lights up a dimly lit room with vibrant colors. The scene opens with her alternating foot hooping and moves to single…

Chloe O’Hearn

Chloe O’Hearn of Hoopstatic lights up the new Co-Motion Studio she opened with partner Adriene Holland of Hooper Troopers in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Photo by Creation Studios.