Hoop Making

How to Make a Memorial Hula Hoop with Yvonne Downing

Yvonne Downing hoopingIt’s always hard to lose a loved one, but hooper Yvonne Downing of Hooping It Out recently came up with a great way to commemorate her mother into her favorite hobby, whom she lost in August of 2013. She made a memorial hoop to honor her decorating it with photographs and strips of fabric from her mother’s clothes so she can always remember her as she spins it up. This is a truly touching video and we bet Yvonne’s mother would have loved it. She lives in Millville, New Jersey, USA, and the soundtrack used for this is “A Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men and you can snag your own copy of it for yourself over on iTunes.

¿Como hacer un aro de fuego? Tutorial Hula de Fuego

Moises Olmedo Attention, fire-loving and Spanish-speaking hoopers (Traducción al español más abajo)! In this tutorial, Moisés Olmedo from Hulapea is repairing an old hoop and he takes the opportunity to show us how to make our very own fire hoop. He describes how to build and place each fire wick and how to best manipulate the material in order to make a durable hoop. Look for the list of materials in the video’s description and remember, playing with fire can be fun, but not if you get burnt! Remember to be safe when you play with your new fire hoop and if you’re a beginner we recommend you seek the advice of an experienced fire hooper like Moises. He lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

¡Atención, hoopers hispanohablantes y amantes del fuego! En este tutorial, Moisés de Hulapea está reparando su aro y aprovecha esta oportunidad para enseñarnos cómo hacer nuestro propio aro de fuego. En el video, nos describe detalladamente cómo elaborar y colocar cada mecha y cómo debemos manipular los materiales para obtener un aro durable. Para la lista de materiales, búscala en la sección “Acerca del video”. Advertencia: Jugar con fuego puede ser divertido, ¡pero no si sales lastimad@! Recuerda tener mucho cuidado al jugar con tu aro de fuego, y si eres principiante, te recomendamos busques el consejo de un experto como Moisés. Moises vive en Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.