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How to Make a LED Hula Hoop with Matt Tollow

How to Make a LED Hula Hoop If you’ve thought that making your own LED hoop was always going to be something beyond your reach, think again. Matt Tollow is here with a brand new tutorial to teach us all step by step just what it takes to make one and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to follow along. Give yourself half an hour to watch this so you can take it all in at once because he really breaks it down in great detail. Matt lives in Ukiah, California, USA.

How to Make a Hula Hoop with a Push Pin Connector

PushPinConnector Have you always wanted to know how to make a hoop with a push pin connector? The trick is having all of the right tools. Cthulhuhoop, otherwise known as Kari Siler, demonstrates how easy it is in this wonderful step by step DIY tutorial. All of the necessary tools are laid out at the very beginning and she shows you how they will be used to create your very own push pin hoop. Kari lives in Laramie, Wyoming, USA, where she performs with the Hulagins hula hoop troupe.

How to Make a Memorial Hula Hoop with Yvonne Downing

Yvonne Downing hoopingIt’s always hard to lose a loved one, but hooper Yvonne Downing of Hooping It Out recently came up with a great way to commemorate her mother into her favorite hobby, whom she lost in August of 2013. She made a memorial hoop to honor her decorating it with photographs and strips of fabric from her mother’s clothes so she can always remember her as she spins it up. This is a truly touching video and we bet Yvonne’s mother would have loved it. She lives in Millville, New Jersey, USA, and the soundtrack used for this is “A Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men and you can snag your own copy of it for yourself over on iTunes.