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Cold Weather Hooping

My Cold Weather Hooping Tips

by Shea Brock I love the change of seasons, especially from summer to fall. The leaves so bright and vibrant on the trees, the rustling sounds they make as I walk. I love the...

Hoola Nation

Extreme Hooping Up Mount Snowdon

by Rachel Conlisk Have you ever climbed a mountain? It’s challenging. Now picture climbing that mountain while hula hooping. That’s the story of five hooping instructors, each of them an extreme hooping enthusiast dedicated...

Hoopcamp 2014 Begins. Photo by Beth Lavinder.

Hoopcamp 2014: The Big Event

by Philo Hagen If you’ve never been to Hoopcamp, then you’ve never attended the largest annual gathering specifically for hoopers on the planet. Every year we make a pilgrimage from all over the world...