Continental Europe

Vive la France Hoop Dance!

HoopDanceFrance This fantastic video montage features a menagerie of hoopers from across the country of France! These 47 circular spinners from Paris to Marseille display a wide variety of talent, from single to multiple hoops, group choreography, fire dance, yoga and even belly dance! Some of the featured personalities include familiar faces such as Lila Chupa Hoops and Hooping Idol 4 favorite Flavie Hooplavie. With such a colorful crew and spunky soundtrack, this video is not to be missed!

Sky Spins It Up in Almería

sky flow artist Are you ready for something delicious? Good, because this dreamy hooping video featuring Sky, filmed during that magic hour just before dusk, is a tasty one indeed. She spins up some stunning moves in a gorgeous setting and the end result is simply sublime. She lives in Brighton, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is “Nuances” by Mo’ Kalamity and you can download a copy of it for your own collection over on .

Lula Hula Welcomes You To Burlesque!

Lula-Hula Lula Hula, otherwise known as
Martina Morati, likes to bring us a variety of flavors and this time she’s back with a spin on burlesque, or a hoop dance video inspired by the song “Welcome to Burlesque” from the film “Burlesque”. She takes the stage with her two backup dancers and everyone, including her audience, is in 1920’s burlesque cool in this stunning video that whisks us all back in time. She lives in Verona, Italy, and the soundtrack “Welcome To Burlesque” by Cher is available on iTunes.

Pamela Diana’s Gorgeous Hula Hoop Performance

Pamela Diana Pamela Diana Marton graces the stage with her hoops in hand for a performance complete with light projections and as many belly dancers as there are hula hoops! Pamela is hooping fast and furiously and she doesn’t miss a beat. Her colorful Hindu-themed performance will leave you wanting to shake your hips too! She lives in Barcelona, Spain, and the soundtrack is unknown to us, so if you know it please share the info in the comments below.

A Fluorescent LED Hooping Duet with Flow & Ila

ledhulahoop Flow & Ila, otherwise known as Fiorella Furbettis and Ilaria Morgana Martorella, return to in this collaborative led hooping video. Synchronizing their LED hoop dancing for your entertainment with black light reactive body paint, coordinated outfits, and groovin’ beats galore, these two are ready to dazzle you. Don’t miss it! Video Editing by Manuela Bockstaele. Fluo Body Painting by SolART & Eugenia Skia Wmwm. They currently live in Turin, Italy, and the soundtrack for this one is by Simo Andumatek, and you can find more of their music over on SoundCloud.

Pregnant Hoop Dancing with Gosia Treselj

Gosia Treselj

The last time we saw Gosia Treselj of Hulajdusza on, she was hooping at her wedding! Now she’s back with some exciting news, “partner hooping” with her soon to be born baby boy. In her third trimester, Gosia wanted to prove to herself and the world, that being almost 9 months pregnant shouldn’t get in the way of a hoop jam session, and she also wanted to document the time when her son was still inside her as a fun and beautiful family project. She lives in Gdansk, Poland, and the soundtrack is “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses and it’s available on iTunes.

Santé Fortunato Performs at Wiesbaden Festival

SanteFortuna Circus artist Santé Fortunato twists, twirls, turns, and bends within the hoop during her dynamic performance filmed at the Wiesbaden Festival. Her expressive contemporary hoop dance is effortlessly blended with contortion and circus hula hooping talent for a piece that is utterly jaw dropping. Don’t miss her fantastic multi-hooping finale too! Santé is currently living in Münster, Germany, and the soundtrack for her performance is is courtesy of a live music ensemble.