The Dazzling Hula Hoop Kids of Puerto Vallarta

puertovallartahooping In this video, Marcela Garcia delighted us with a montage featuring her talented hula hoop students from the Danzirco School of Performing Arts (Danzirco Escuela de artes escénicas) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We are seriously impressed by how talented this group of children are as they demonstrate their skills in front of the camera. There are kids of all ages, multiple hoops, and some serious hoop savviness to behold. The soundtrack is “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen and it can be readily added to your music library on iTunes.

Celebrating Indigenous People’s Day with Tyrese and Kailayne Jensen

jensensens is celebrating Indigenous People’s Day today and Tyrese Jensen and Kailayne Jensen of YellowHouse Dancers’ hoop dance configurations not only preserve their Native American tradition and culture through song, music, and dance, these two are amazing to watch. The brother and sister duo execute various formations with exciting confidence and clarity and they split their time between Mesa, Arizona, during the school year, and Dilkon, Arizona, USA, on the Navajo reservation. They’re dancing to the rhythm and tempo of traditional music performed lived.