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Kimberly Parker

Kimberly Parker

Kimberly Parker has found her hoop bliss in this great Memorial Day photo by Gary Parker. More shots over here. They live in San Jose, California, USA.

Hooping Helps Us Find Our Center

Personal fitness trainer and blogger Tina Reale recently shared a story she encountered that has stuck with her like glue, and we can see why. “It had been a frustrating day of too many responsibilities and not enough of me…

Hula Hooping and Prayer

Rick Hamlin, executive editor of Guideposts magazine, a Christian faith-based non-profit organization founded in 1945, thinks prayer is like hula hooping. He writes, “A lot of things you pray for can seem impossible. You work at it, you get frustrated,…

Act Like You Have It

When people tell us they can’t hoop, they’re often right. If they believe they can’t, it’s often a self fulfilling prophecy. One of the first steps towards learning to hoop or finding that flow or nailing that move that has…