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Hooping in the Philippines

Hooping: It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

Who wouldn’t want to visit the Philippine Islands after watching this wonderfully fun “tourism” video featuring Hoopaholic Cebu? The lovely and talented hoopers having all of the fun here include Bernadette Yu, La Verne...


A Beautiful GoPro Aerial Drone Hooping Video

This intriguing hoop video is a collaboration of videoagraphy brought to you by Rami Katzav and Miki Malka of Kronos Aerial Photography. With sweeping views shot at unusual angles with the help of a...

What Does The Fox Say About Hooping?

What Does The Fox Say About Hooping?

What does the fox say about hooping? Luckily for us, Kelsey Lynn Antevasin is here to tell us all about it in this super fun video we all fell instantly in love with. She...


Hoop Dancing with Akira

We rarely get to see Akira hoop and he was spotted recently showing off his amazing hoop dance skills at a street performance gathering in Osaka. Check out his smooth and funky flow as...


Hula Hoop Fitness at Mindanao State University

Mary Diane Luna and her classmates at Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology in Iligan, Philippines, rock the hoop in their freshman physical education class for a choreographed dance project that they created together....

Samantha hooping in Bali

Samantha Boucher

Samantha Boucher is hooping it up in Bali, Indonesia. She lives in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. Photo by Cadencia Photography.

Katra Solopuro

Hooping in Bali with Katra Solopuro

Katra Solopuro of first hooping and multi-hoop video really showcases all of the moves that she’s learned during her first year of hooping in a truly beautiful setting – the island of Bali....

Hooping with Dafna Nakash

One Shoulder Hooping with Dafna Nakash

Dafna Nakash of Hooptimistic takes her hoop out for a one shoulder spin. Love it! We are also loving the mermaid hooping on her arm. She lives in Beersheba, Israel. Photo by Boaz Fradkin.