Header History

Hooping.org has a facelift approximately every two years.

Hooping.org is the online hub for the worldwide hooping community, the one-stop resource for all things revolving around the hula hoop including hoop dance, hoop fitness, circus hula hooping and more. We’ve been spinning the web now for more than a decade which in internet terms is forever. Long before there was Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even MySpace there was Hooping.org.

The original hooping website, Hooping.org was founded on May 4, 2003, shortly after three bloggers – Ariel Meadow Stallings, Philo Hagen and Vera Fleischer – spent hours together hooping at a blogger party. Frustrated by a lack of information about hooping on the web, Philo decided to start Hooping.org to change that and invited his friends to join him. Their goal – to spread the joy of hooping around the globe and build a worldwide hooping community.

Today that dream has become a reality with hoopers all over the planet. Hooping.org has been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, on National Public Radio, as well as countless other national and international publications and programs. What began as a simple blog about hoop dance has in fact evolved into a full-fledged online hooping magazine with fresh content daily. While Hooping.org’s original founders have long since moved on to other creative pursuits, Philo has remained solely at the helm since March 2007 and is honored to be working with a truly dynamic group of volunteers to keep the vision alive. If you have specific questions about Hooping.org or hooping in general you are more than welcome to contact us through our contact page. Welcome to Hooping.org and we hope you come back often.