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Isopuppy Hooping

Mini Hoop Tech with Caitlin Hofer

Caitlin Hofer, aka Isopuppy, proves that even when she’s just practicing, she can still spin up something to blow us away. Serving a serious dose...

Caitlin Hofer Hooping

Caitlin Isopuppy Hofer

Caitlin “Isopuppy” Hofer of Fern Gully Creations spins her twins and a smile. Love it! She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Photo by Kenny...

Caitlin Hofer

Caitlin Hofer

Caitlin Hofer, otherwise known as Isopuppy, is letting the good times roll times two. She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA

Caitlin Hofer FEAT

Caitlin Hofer’s Amazing Hooper Art

by Philo Hagen If you’ve been reading Hooping.org for awhile, then you’re probably already quite familiar with Caitlin Hofer. The dynamic hooper otherwise known as...

Caitlin Hofer

Caitlin Hofer: Autumn Ducksauce

The Earth orbits the sun elliptically while spinning on its own axis that is tilted relative to its plane of orbit, exposing different hemispheres to...

Caitlin Hofer: Geeked Out Hoopgirl

Caitlin Hofer: Geeked Out Hoopgirl

Oxford dictionary defines the word geek as “a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast”, a term which pretty much sums up the video star you are about...

Caitlin Hofer

Caitlin Hofer at Jade Cove

Sunshine, sandy beaches, waves and hoops are pretty much the key ingredients to any decent summer, as they go together like chocolate and taste buds!...

Caitlin Hofer

Caitlin Hofer: Winter Moon

There’s that thing that happens when the power of the moon hits you, whether it’s primal, gravitational, spiritual or your imagination being given free reign,...