A No Grip Hoop Dance with Bonnie Brown

No Grip Hoop Dance

A No Grip Hoop Dance with Bonnie Brown

Bonnie Brown (FB & @outwardspiralhoopdance) of Outward Spiral Hoop Dance (FB) is back and she’s not using her hands. That’s right, she’s spinning up a whole hoop dance session without any hand gripping whatsoever and the results are gorgeous to watch. Even without using her hands she still spins up so much grace and flow. We love it! Bonnie lives in Sarasota, Florida, USA. The soundtrack for this is

3 thoughts on “A No Grip Hoop Dance with Bonnie Brown

  1. Hi bonnie, I enjoyed your dance. I started hooping without my hands a few yrs ago, and now it’s second nature. I love it so much, and can’t understand why it’s not explored more. It’s a fascinating different way of relating to the hoop, with so much potential movement. Are there any other people out there who are interested in this way of hooping? I haven’t found them, but happy to see this delightful video. Keep it up ♡

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