Hooping Idol 7 Fantasy Week Results Show

Hooping Idol 7 Fantasy Week Results

Hooping Idol 7 Fantasy Week Results Show

The results of Hooping Idol 7 Fantasy Week are in. Hooping.org congratulates those moving on to the next round and we whole heartedly celebrate those who are departing the competition at this point. Who will be leaving us following Fantasy Week and who will be moving forward to spin it up in our next challenge? It’s time for all of us to find out.

With 40% of the vote coming from our judges and 60% of the vote coming from all of you, we’ve got nothing but love for all of our contenders and would like to take this opportunity to really thank those who are going home this week for being a part of our exciting seventh season. All three of you made it amazing! Thank you! And now, without any further ado, it’s results time!

Hooping Idol 7 Performance Week What’s next for our remaining Hooping Idol finalists? If you’ve seen our previous seasons of Hooping Idol, then you already know. Yep, it’s Performance Week on Hooping Idol 7. Our final five will all be hooping to the exact same soundtrack and they will all be sharing single-shot unedited videos of their performances. The challenge: perform in front of real live human beings, not just in front of a video camera. Find or create an audience of at least ten people and perform for them.

Those that hoop professionally know you don’t always have control over what music you’ll be performing to. Maybe you’ll be put on stage with a particular band or DJ. Maybe that wedding that hired you wants to see you hoop to their special song. Whatever the music ends up being though, you’ve gotta make it work!

So to put that little extra reality spin on Hooping Idol 7 Performance Week, our contestants will all be hooping to a short clip by Sunshine Jones of Dubtribe Sound System. For those that may not have heard, Sunshine Jones is spinning up a once in a lifetime hoopjam for us Hoopcamp 2017, the hooping event of the year! He’ll be doing a live analog perforamnce during the total solar eclipse. He’s also going our guest judge for Hooping Idol 7 Performance Week and we’re super psyched to have him with us.

Solar Eclipse Closing Hoopjam with Sunshine Jones The man behind Dubtribe Sound System, Treehouse Muzique, King Street Sounds, Cosmic Disco and Sunday Soul has been producing some truly delicious house music for years. He spent the 1990’s traveling the world with Moonbeam Jones and they distinguished themselves as performers rather than replaying their recordings, often bringing their own sound, lights, and traveling family with them. But unlike Dubtribe’s few North American counterparts, they departed from the warehouse movement to establish themselves as a grass-roots tour de force, refusing help, press, or money from any outside interests. Loop’s 9 year anniversary in Tokyo made for a fantastic beginning for Sunshine’s solo work too, and he’s been singularly blowing our minds as well ever since. He’s also been challenging what dance music is using musical force, live vocals, loops and effects to take us somewhere deeper, greater and very special.

Here’s what our final five need to do:

1) Read Hooping.org’s Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Hooping Video again. Remember, a performance video is still a video and these things still apply.

2) Create a Hooping Idol Performance Week video of an unedited live performance with at least ten audience members. You can add additional content at the beginning or end of your video, but the actual performance must not contain any editing whatsoever. All Performance Week videos must be filmed with the video camera serving as a non-moving member of the audience with a front row seat. Whatever takes place during your performance, we all want to see it just as if we were sitting right there in the audience with everyone else.

3) Post your video on YouTube and Vimeo on or before Sunday, May 14th, at 11:59 pm PST.

4) Copy your YouTube and Vimeo video link urls and email them to hoopingidol@gmail.com. That’s it!

Have fun Hooping Idol 7 Contenders, but remember – make it count. At the end of Performance Week two more will be eliminated and the final three will be going on to our season seven finale and a shot at the Ultimate Hooping Idol Prize Package. Happy hooping everybody!

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