Hooping Idol Winner Beth Anne: The One Year Later Interview

Hooping Idol Winner Beth Anne: The One Year Later Interview

Hooping Idol Winner Beth Anne: The One Year Later Interview

Last year we were all super excited and anxiously awaiting the announcement of who would be our new Hooping Idol. And it was Beth Anne of BA Hoops from Killen, Alabama, USA. She spun her way to victory in our sixth exciting season after winning the hearts with her hoop skills & her fun and creative videos. With Casting Week for Hooping Idol 7 opening soon, the biggest online hooping event of the year, we tracked down Beth Anne amidst the whirlwind that has become her life and got the skinny on what she’s been up to this past year and how being our new Hooping Idol has played out.

Philo: So what was it like to win Hooping Idol?

Beth Anne: Winning Hooping Idol 6 was AMAZING! I worked so hard and it was a real dream come true! The experience was super challenging, so to be able to say I made it to the end and won was such an honor and a huge accomplishment for me. For a few months there I felt like a celebrity with all the love and support from both online and real life friends, lots of people I didn’t even know. All the prizes were incredible too!

Philo: Yay! I know it can be tough getting there though. What was the experience like during the competition for you?

Beth Anne: I’m being honest, the experience was stressful. It was demanding. I personally quit my job for it. I dunno if there was a video that I didn’t cry in the process of it being made. Some things that were said, including a couple of comments made by the judges, hurt me. That being said, however, it was very fun too, dressing up, hooping A LOT, my friends and I acting, the creative process of what the video should be like, planning. It was all fun and very rewarding when I’d make it through to another week. But it definitely took all of me and my fiancé who filmed and edited. Lots of energy and love went into every video. For nearly two months Hooping Idol was our life. I’ll never forget it!

h3>Hooping Idol Winner Beth Anne: The Year Afterwards

Philo: What has your year been like and how has winning Hooping Idol 6 had an affect on your life?

Beth Anne: My year has been a bit up and down. Soon after winning Hooping Idol, I injured my knee while hooping. I’ve since healed and just two weeks ago reinjured it. I’ll be having knee surgery soon. I’ve still had a great year and great adventures though. In the summer, before the knee issue, I guided for my 7th season on the Ocoee River and although I had to quit rafting to heal, I still lived in Ocoee and had a blast getting into shenanigans with other guides!

Philo: Then you moved back to Alabama for the winter?

Beth Anne: Yes, I moved back to Bama and had a few months to heal, learn dance, grow my yoga practice and play with my dog! That all being said, winning Hooping Idol 6 really boosted my confidence and urged me to learn more body movement and dance. It lit a fire in me to just keep growing. It also helped me realize I can go for my dreams and be successful.

Philo: What are you currently working on then?

Beth Anne: I’m still working on healing my knee and taking it easy. I cannot stand for awhile, so, I’m using this time to practice upper body moves, breaks are so meditative! Hand balances and coin flip tricks are my current favorites to drill. I’m also working on some video and tutorial ideas for this upcoming year.

Philo Good, I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with, and with Hooping Idol 7 kicking off soon, what advice do you have for this year’s would be Idol contestants?

Beth Anne: I have three things for all the would be Hooping Idol contestants to keep in mind. Here they are:

• Be ready for a wild, emotional and challenging experience!
• Give it your all, trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid to show off your skills.
• And most importantly, hoop like YOU, JUST BE YOURSELF!

Philo: Good stuff and quite true. Thanks for the chat Beth Anne! I know we’ll be seeing you at some point at the Hooping Idol 7 judge’s table this season too.

With six seasons of Hooping Idol to date, two winners from the UK, two from the United States, one from Canada, and one from Mexico, Hooping.org is super excited to see just what’s in store this year. The judges are excited, the prize package is incredible, and it’s going to be another whirlwind experience you won’t want to miss. Think you might want to give Hooping Idol a spin for yourself? We’ll be looking for a diverse roster of hoopers and hooping styles to join in the fun. Watch for the Hooping Idol 7 Casting Week announcement coming soon and in the meantime, happy hooping everybody!

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