Hooping Idol 7 Judges: Let’s Meet Two More!

Hooping Idol 7 Judges: Let's Meet Two More!

Hooping Idol 7 Judges: Let’s Meet Two More!

Our seventh exciting season of Hooping Idol is shaping up to be so amazing and we can’t wait to meet a whole new crew of hoopers. They’ll all be spinning up their shot at the title of Hooping Idol and aiming to hoop away with our ultimate Hooping Idol prize package and they’ll be here soon. And while Hooping Idol is a hooping video competition, it’s also a golden opportunity to learn and grow with the guidance of a truly incredible panel of international hoop star judges. We already introduced you to 2 of our judges for season 7, and now it’s time to introduce two more panelists. They’re a couple of the biggest names in hooping today and we’re honored to them with us.

Babz Robinson Our third judge for our new season of Hooping Idol is the incomparable Babz Robinson (YouTube, FB & @babzrobinson). Coming to us from the great northern lands of Canada where she has been spinning things up since 2003 – hooping’s first Canadian connection back in the day has always been the one teaching others. It wasn’t long before she was creating community and becoming the iconic original hooper on the platforms at Shambhala, Motion Notion and other festivals throughout Western Canada. The Hoopie Award winner for Instructor of the Year, Tutorial of the Year, Hooper of the Year Canada and Hooper Hall of Fame Inductee is a force to be reckoned with too. Her awesomely advanced, professional and incredibly helpful hooping tutorials, which she shares with the world for fun and for free, have made her a perennial favorite amongst hoopers the world over. If Babz is making something, you know it’s gonna be good. We’re so psyched to have her back sharing her Hooping Idol expertise for another season. She lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Lila Chupa-Hoops Lila Chupa-Hoops (Website, FB & @lila_chupahoops) started hooping in 2010 and did her first stage performance only a few months later at Paris Decompression. Her international hooping journey really took off in 2012 when she was cast for our second season of Hooping Idol. Lila knows just what it takes to succeed on Idol too having stayed in the competition right through to the season finale. That’s when she quit her job at Notre-Dame de Paris too to become a full time hoop teacher and entertainer. “I found my hoopstyle in the pinup/vintage world and distinguished myself in a lot of european burlesque festivals showcasing one of a kind hooptease choreographies,” she told us. Aside from teaching and performing Lila also runs Rendez-v’HOOP, the hooping convention of France. She’s won Hoopie Awards for European Hooper of the Year, Doubles Hooper of the Year and Solo Performance of the Year too. She’s taught and performed all over the world and we’re excited to have her back – this time at the judge’s table.

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