Fire Hooping Flash Mob Spins Paris After Dark!

Fire Hooping Flash Mob

Fire Hooping Flash Mob Spins Paris!

It’s Fire Friday and last weekend Lila Chupa-Hoops (Website, FB & @lila_chupahoops) organized the first fire hooping flashmob we’ve seen. 14 hoopers of different skill levels were burning up the night at at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France. In true flash mob style they performed together for a single song. The other fire hoopers include Rozita Ouech-Ouech, Joe Guillian, Matthieu Martin, Nellie Tirel, Kaori Rikaway Socks, Burno Cent Dix-huit Burn, Elune Panda, Florine Rkn, Mel Imelo, Fabien Le Jeune, Vanessa Nash, Anthon Nevarez, Velvet Hoop, Katy Doppler, Nymeria Firekiss, & Pierre Boutang. We love it and we sure hope there is going to be a video! Photo by Matthieu Photoglovsky.

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