30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 19

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 19

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 19

It’s Day 19 of our 30/30 Hoop Love Challenge and we’re still hooping it up for 30 minutes a day this month.

If you’re a late arrival or have gotten behind, you are still welcome to hoop with us. You just won’t be eligible to win the Hoopcamp 2017 registration prize at the end. Full challenge details here.

Yesterday we asked you to focus on all the positive hooping memories and make a mental hooping gratitude list during your 30 minute session. Then we asked you to share one favorite hooping memory with us. So let’s celebrate some wonderful memories together too!

Dreamimg of #beaches and #sunshine ☉☉☉ Day 18 #hoopingdotorg3030 Sharing some #positivevibes about our hooping. I'm so #lucky to live in this beautiful country #australia and to be able to #explore and #hulahoop in so many #amazing locations. This was one of my favorite #spins ever on one of my most loved beaches #sunset beach. As I said in the last post, people have only ever reacted positively to my #passion ( at least to my face, behind my back who cares #notme) Sometimes people give me weird presents because they like.my hulahooping, when I got home from this spin the man across the road came.over and gave me 6 oysters, a broken #rainbow umbrella ( the handle.has snapped off so it was open never to be closed )and 4 litres of icecream that didnt fit in his freezer… People give me food and drinks a lot….🤔 Also someone gave me a rock from his homeland..someone else have me cannabis oil cream , great for #hooprecovery… there's been plenty more strange gifts..those are the first that come to mind…

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Day 18: today's challenge was to share a lovely memory about someone who has said something nice to us about hooping. At LiB 2014, I had been hooping for about 5 months and wasn't necessarily the greatest at nailing tricks and stuff. But when I saw that there was a hoop workshop, I got super excited to finally flow with other hoopers. It was not an advanced class at all, mostly focusing on movement and flow and happiness. I was 100% in my own world, didn't care if I looked foolish, and simply danced in my pink pixie skirt with a huge smile on my face. After the workshop, 3 separate people came up to me and told me they couldn't take their eyes off of me, because I radiated happiness. One person got on his knees and asked me to marry him. I had no idea what I was doing with that hoop–I just knew I was having the time of my life. And I was so flattered that it was obvious to other onlookers! This was only the tip of the iceberg—there have been SO many positive comments in regard to my hooping and dancing, and I am so grateful for all the kind words I have received. They have encouraged me to be the absolute best I can be, reminded me that yes I CAN move beautifully even though I've always been a klutz, and given me such amazing friends across the country and the world that I may have never met but will someday. I am eternally grateful for this community and everyone that has given support. You are all brilliant stars that shine brighter with every ounce of support given to one another. I love you. ❤ #hoopingdotorg3030 #hoop #hooper #hulahoop #hoopdance #unityofthehulahoopers #girlswhohoop #gratefulhooper #hoopersofinstagram #sacredcircle

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30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 19 Instructions

Your instructions for Day 19 are as follows, but first – I have some big news that I am so excited to share, and I’m sharing it with you first. Some of you might know that on the Monday morning of Hoopcamp 2017, there is going to be a solar eclipse. It’s the first total solar eclipse in the United States since 1979, and the first to go coast to coast since 1918. To make the most of it and celebrate this celestial event of the year, I decided that rather than having the usual final classes and closing circle of years past, we really needed to end Hoopcamp 2017 beautifully with a special Solar Eclipse Closing Hoopjam!

I knew that to make it even more extra special too, we really needed the right music. After all, the right music can make a world of difference when it comes to hooping, right? So I gave it considerable thought and I kept coming to one single conclusion. If we could get Sunshine Jones from Dubtribe Sound System to come perform live at the Solar Eclipse Closing Hoopjam, that would totally rock Hoopcamp and my whole freakin world and then some.

So, I spent some time trying to track him down, nervously sent him an email and guess what? He’s coming to close Hoopcamp with a live set. I haven’t really announced it yet. I still can’t hardly believe it. And to celebrate we’re spending our 30 minute Sunday hooping session spinning it up to some Sunshine Jones tracks today before I make the big announcement tomorrow.

I know we all probably have different music services, but I quickly threw together a 30 minute+ YouTube playlist. We can all access YouTube, right? The playlist is just three of his songs. The first is “I Can Feel The Sun On My Face” from his solo album “Bélle Âme Électronique”. Track 2 is probably Dubtribe Sound System’s biggest and most beloved anthem – “Do It Now” from their album “Baggage”. And then finally, we have a third solo closing track, “Out Here” from his album “Gas Masks & Crazy-Girls”.

Today’s instructions are simple: spend your 30 minutes hooping to the music of Sunshine Jones. Here’s the YouTube music playlist. Just hit play.

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 19 for Facebook Participants

If you’ve chosen to participate in the 30/30 Hoop Love Challenge on Facebook, post a status update about your hooping experience today. If you’d like and you’re able to do so, you can include a video of yourself hooping to the music of Sunshine Jones too. Be sure to include the hashtag #hoopingdotorg3030.

Sunshine Jones is on Facebook too: Sunshine Jones

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 19 for Instagram Participants

If you’ve chosen to participate in the 30/30 Hoop Love Challenge on Instagram, share a video of yourself hooping to the music of Sunshine Jones – if you’re capable of doing so – and share about your hooping experience today as well. I know some of you are limited and playing YouTube and trying to record a video at the same time may not work. If so, just share a post Sunshine Jones hooping session video and tell us about your 30 minute session. Be sure to include the hashtag #hoopingdotorg3030 too.

Sunshine Jones is on Instagram too @sunshine_jones_/.

Then go click on the hashtag and spread some hoop love! We’ve been spinning up the hoop love all month, hooping for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences and transformations along the way too. Every time we do a 30/30 Challenge on Hooping.org, remarkable things always happen and this one promises to be extra special in so many ways. So keep on hooping and tuning in to see for yourself, and thanks for joining us on our 30/30 Hoop Love journey!

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