30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 18

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 18

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 18

It’s Day 18 of our 30/30 Hoop Love Challenge and we’re still hooping for 30 minutes a day & reaping the rewards. Woot woot! Some people have fallen behind, but that’s okay. Especially when they’re doing things like this.

If you’re a late arrival or have gotten behind, you are still welcome to hoop with us. You just won’t be eligible to win the Hoopcamp 2017 registration prize at the end. Full challenge details here.

Yesterday our focus was on letting go, especially letting go of negative commentary we may have encountered regarding our hooping or our love for it. Thankfully, many of you haven’t run into any and that’s fantastic. I know whenever I take my hoops out into the world I light people up when they see me with them. It’s like I’m a joy ambassador, but when you put yourself out there in the world, you’re bound to run into a few downers eventually.

Day 17 asks us to dig a little deeper and post about any negativity we have received while hooping. I am so fortunate not to have had any recent negativity from family, close friends or social media! However, years ago, early on in my hoop journey while hooping with a friend I had met at a festival, I was body shamed. We were both pretty novice hoopers at the time and she was drunk. During the middle of our flow session, she said to me, "Ewww! You can see right between your thighs when they're together! That is disgusting!" And though she was drunk and probably didn't really mean it, what she said was hurtful. She told me that I was so skinny it grossed her out. Body shaming of any kind is a terrible thing! We all have feelings. All sizes matter! The comment about my thighs is always in the back of my mind when I look at my bare legs in the mirror, but I try to rise above it because I don't see a disgusting person when I look in the mirror. I see a woman who struggles with balancing a teaching career and a home life; a woman who exercises and spends time doing hobbies that bring joy into her life; I see a woman who is strong and independent! #hoopingdotorg3030

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I was hooping out the hurt from unkind words said to me about my hooping for day 17 of #hoopingdotorg3030. At first it was painful- my heart felt heavy and I was irritable, why would they want us to open old wounds? What a downer… But you know what I learned? Worse than anything anyone else has said to me was my own negative self talk… My body rolls are sloppy, I reuse the same tricks, I'm slow, I'm not as pretty or skilled as others… And on and on. Wow. Talk about being your own worst enemy. I remembered I was wearing "my" Pikachu onesie- I poured a lot of time, $ and love into making it for someone who outright refused it because it was imperfect…but here I was wearing it and loving it despite it's quirks. It's ok not to be perfect, it's ok to drop your hoop or just not feel it. We're on this wild journey called life with ups and downs but we're all we've got. So be kind to yourselves. 💓 You're perfect just the way you are. #healingcircle #selflove #selfacceptance #itsok #hoopitout #perfectlyimperfect #lightenup🌞 #yougotthis

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Day 17 #hoopingdotorg3030 challenge I've only had one negative reaction when telling someone about my hooping hobby. This person started laughing and teasing me about hooping. It was light hearted for the most part, but they really took it overboard, and were just making a big deal out of my "weird" hobby. They just went on and​ on until I pointed out that their love of golf is weird to me, but I understand that different people like different things. I think they felt bad after that and stopped teasing me. I was never upset by it, more so puzzled by the mindset behind those comments. I love learning about why people do what they do and I think there is always value in learning new things, so these comments were more confusing than anything. Other than that, I always experience positive reactions from people and I can usually convince them to join in! ⭕💟

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Day 17 of the Hoop Love Challenge with #hoopingdotorg3030: let go of negative feedback you've received in your hooping. Sometimes it helps to tell your story to someone else and then let it go. So..a friend asked me and @juliespinsfire to do a little fire performance for his birthday, and it was a blast! Someone took a video and posted it on social media, which is great(actually really great as it's hard to film yourself!) One comment we received was from a spinner in the community talking about how he's been spinning for many years and that we need to hone our art before performing. Overall super negative and unsupportive of the growth of people following their passions and learning along the journey as well as taking the courage to share that art with others. SO..releasing that negativity and feeling the support of this hooping community! 💚❤💜💙💛 #hooplove #hooplife #expressyourself

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#Hoopingdotorg3030 Day 17: Reflecting on any negative hoop comments we have heard and hooping them away. I think the most common thing is people commenting that you should either wear less clothes or more clothes. As women, whenever we do things that involve our bodies (hey surprise I use my body to do most things. I'm just working with what I've got here) people feel entitled to say something about it. As always we are either too prude or too slutty because it is unimaginable that our bodies have nothing to do with sex or pleasing others at any given moment. Sometimes I wanna mention how hooping works better with more skin exposed (like swimming) but I don't think we need qualifiers or a good "excuse" to wear a certain amount of fabric. I will wear however much happens to be comfortable at that moment and I don't need to be excused. I've also heard people say too many people hoop or some generic statements about "hoop girls." Or comparing your skills. There's no such thing as too many people doing something awesome and enjoyable. That's like saying too many people listen to music or dance or eat yummy food 😂 Thankfully the people I surround myself with are incredibly supportive feminist humans and I am sososo grateful for them 😍❤ #hooplove

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Day 17: Negativity Release☮️💛 Today we were asked to #reflect on any negative comments received about hooping or our #loveforhooping in general, then use your hoop session to spin it all away. If anybody has ever made lame comments about my hooping, I haven't heard them. And if I did, it didn't stick me enough for it to #burn or I would probably have more of a story to tell. Today my 30mins of hooping happened in the middle of my 12+ hour waitressing shift. Waiting tables can be pretty harsh, if you've been there, I know you get it. To put it simply, PEOPLE ARE MEAN! If there's a 2 hour wait, it's the servers fault, if the kitchens backed up, it's the servers fault, if the steaks over cooked, it's the servers fault. (Not everyone is like this but a hefty handful are). So during my mid shift hoop session today, I spun away every harsh word, every eye roll, every passive aggressive comment, and the anger of every bad tip, into a deep abyss far away from me. #freedom from the negative energy of my work day allowed my mind to freely reflect on all of the POSITIVITY that comes from hooping! So many friends, so many fun memories, and so so many #goodfeels ! Here's a photo of me and my ladies rocking it out at @levitatemusicfestival this past summer! We hooped all day and all night and the only hooping memories I have are #filledwithlove 💜 #hoopingdotorg3030challenge #fleshhunger #burnembunny🐰 #levitatemusicfestival #moodhoops #hooptherapy #hoopeverydamnday #hoopingdotorg3030 #fireflyflowtrio

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Day 17 challenge #hoopingdotorg3030 Today we were challenged to share negative comments we've heard about our hooping. This photo is a screen shot of a Facebook status a woman (who I do not know personally) posted about me and my hula hooping. It was after one of my first performances. 😞 I am not a stranger to bullying and no matter who you are or what you do you will encounter hate. DO NOT ENGAGE IT ! Not everyone is going to approve of or understand you and that's okay! 👌🏻. NEVER let anyone tear you down and remember you can always reach out to me if you need support or a friend. You are an amazing superhooper being ! Be kind, spread love ❤️. As much as this person wanted to hurt me, they actually ended helping me with this challenge. Comments like these only make me appreciate the kindness and love I receive from others even more. #positivity Today's hoop session was odd, I woke up really early (5 am ish) feeling anxious and all out of sorts (maybe the Neocitrin I took before bed?) Not even thinking or reading about the challenge I started hooping to shake away some those negative feelings/ thoughts and help me get back to bed for a couple hours. It worked so well P.S Happy St Patty's Day everyone 🍀. #hoophealing #hoopingdotorg #hoopcampretreats #hoopcamp2017 #hooplove #goodvibesonly #spreadlove #sendmewtohoopcamp #hoopersofinstagram #communityovercompetition #empowerment #enpowerwomen #love #hulahoop #bekindtooneanother #standuptobullying #tgif

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30/30 Hoop Love Challenge Day 17: (Phew! Almost forgot to post!) Any negative comments you've heard about hooping or your hooping? I've honestly never personally received any negative feedback, everybody tends to get excited, inspired, or reminisce about their childhood when they see me with hoops. There are some things I notice that irk me, I've seen others receive unnecessary criticism. Heard griping about "trendy" or overused tricks, speed of flow, even use of the word flow (for crying out loud). My good friend and hoop teacher said something to me, a few years ago, that really stuck. "Never ever make fun of someone's attempt at movement." I couldn't agree more, being a person who has always been so very self conscious of such things. And if I'm ever tempted to join in on the griping, I remember those words. I spent my 30 minutes tuning out. Had a busy day, so I squeezed my practice in in silence and drilled the 3 new tricks I've been getting better at, by the day. My own inner critic is worse than anything anyone else could ever say to me, so I told her to shut her piehole, today. My photo share of the day is of my very first paid hoop gig. Hooping clown for a circus themed children's birthday party. Good times. #hoopingdotorg3030 #hoopdanceheals

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Be sure to give all of them some love today please. And give yourself some love today too please. And give the world a little love while you’re at it.

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 18 Instructions

Your instructions for Day 18 of the challenge are as follows. Negative memories are soooo yesterday. Today we’re focusing on positive ones! I know I personally have a tendency to tune in too much to the one person at that party that didn’t like me, rather than remembering the 49 others that were lovely. Does that happen to you too? Instead of focusing on what went wrong today, let’s take a look at what went right. Make a mental hooping gratitude list during today’s 30 minute hooping session. What wonderful things have people said to us about our hooping? What friends have we made? What places has our hoop journey taken us? And anywhere that you let go of negativity yesterday, fill that space back up with your own gratitude and hoop love.

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 18 for Facebook Participants

If you’ve chosen to participate in the 30/30 Hoop Love Challenge on Facebook, post a status update and share a favorite hooping memory. Be sure to include the hashtag #hoopingdotorg3030.

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 18 for Instagram Participants

If you’ve chosen to participate in the 30/30 Hoop Love Challenge on Instagram, post any image you wish that you would like to have go along with a favorite hooping memory. Be sure to include the hashtag #hoopingdotorg3030.

Then go click on the hashtag and spread some hoop love! We’ve been spinning up the hoop love all month, hooping for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences and transformations along the way too. Every time we do a 30/30 Challenge on Hooping.org, remarkable things always happen and this one promises to be extra special in so many ways. So keep on hooping and tuning in to see for yourself, and thanks for joining us on our 30/30 Hoop Love journey!

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