30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 17

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 17

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 17

It’s Day 17, a day of letting go. Welcome back to the 30/30 Hoop Love Challenge too. You’re doing great. Seriously!

If you’re a late arrival to the challenge, you are still welcome to hoop with us. You just won’t be eligible to win the Hoopcamp 2017 registration prize at the end. Read the full challenge details first.

Yesterday we asked you to tell us about the most interesting place you’ve ever hooped. And y’know what? Some of you have hooped in some very interesting places! Let’s take a look – and sorry Facebookers, there was just soooo much great stuff on Instagram for this one.

Day 16: although I haven't hooped in front of grand structures or underwater or on the ledge of a bridge (yet), this location pretty much takes the cake. The second I set foot at the top of this canyon, I started crying. The sun was setting right as the full moon was rising, both clear in sight and beautiful as ever. I felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable with the earth then, stripped down and began to move any way that felt free. Yoga, hooping, tears, and giggles. Loving all of life's treasures. Being all of me possible, and letting sun and moonlight pour into each crevice of my imperfections, beaming wholeness back into me. Recharging. Oh, life. β€πŸ™βœ¨ #hoopingdotorg3030 #hoop #hooper #hooplah #hoopersofinstagram #girlswhohoop #gratefulhooper #unityofthehulahoopers #sacredcircle

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Day 16 of @hoopingdotorg hoop challenge Questions is : Where is the most interesting place that I have hooped? In whole the answer is in Hawaii on the big island because that is the place where I have experienced the most growth and inspiration not that I'm not inspired every day but surely so much energy in passion that I didn't quite understand fully until I went there.. so much healing with my hoop by my side (: from spinning fire for the first time and spinning it next to lava, under rainbows , mermaid ponds, and on crazy sharp lava rocks , this photo shows so much ! Hahaha my face of trying something new and taking a chance when knowing I would get splashed at some point and the most interesting part is the figure in the background watching it all πŸ˜‚ hahahaha fails gone completely right ! . . #hoopingdotorg3030 #hoopchallenge #hooplove #hooplah #hooplovers #flowarts #hawaii #hoopspam #sacredcircle #hoopersofig

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And our own Grace You, aka kayina who runs Hooping.org’s Instagram and happens to be teaching a class at Hoopcamp this year called “Fun With Escalators”, she couldn’t pick just one because she’s hooped in so many interesting places.

Day 16 of the #hoopingdotorg3030 challenge is to share the most interesting place that you've hooped in. I can't decide and was looking through my photos and feel so incredibly lucky at all of my hoop journeys. Some of the most memorable places that I've been blessed with the opportunity to hoop at are places where I don't have any photos or videos of. I've traveled all over the world with my hoop for vacation and to various hoop retreats and workshops. I've hooped it out in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes in Bali and the Gili islands, all around Europe, and many interesting adventures from EJC and the Austrian hoop convention. I've traveled all around the US with my hoop, and more importantly, I've had some really memorable hoop adventures in the area that I live in. Often I feel very fortunate to be living in such a diverse area. I've spun fire with some of the most talented flow artists, broken into a warehouse to play, been in several parades, hooped at several events (like on a cruise ship!), performed a handful of times, and hung out with some awesome people in some awesome places to just jam! It's been a good #hooplife πŸ’—

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30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 17 Instructions

Your instructions for Day 17 of the challenge are as follows. Has anyone ever said anything negative to you about hooping, your hooping or your love for it? It’s such a drag when people just don’t get it, much less if they’re being rude or mean. Sometimes our enthusiasm and happiness can really threaten unhappy people. I don’t know about you, but my inner critic can latch onto certain remarks too and repeat them over and over, but today – we’re letting all that go!

Hoop for 30 minutes today and during your hooping spin all that energy out of your space. Afterwards, tell us about the experience. What did they say? Get it off your chest if you need to, but please – no names or identifying monikers, thanks. Then, how was the experience of letting that energy go while hooping? Centripetal force can be a powerful tool in our lives, and even if it isn’t today – we’re here, we love you and we love that you love to hoop!

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 17 for Facebook Participants

If you’ve chosen to participate in the 30/30 Hoop Love Challenge on Facebook, post a status update about negative comments you’ve heard, if any, and you’re experience in the hoop today. Be sure to include the hashtag #hoopingdotorg3030.

30/30 Hoop Love Challenge: Day 17 for Instagram Participants

If you’ve chosen to participate in the 30/30 Hoop Love Challenge on Instagram, tell us about any negative comments you’ve heard, if any, and your experience in the hoop today along with any visual you would like. Just be sure to include the hashtag #hoopingdotorg3030.

Then today especially, go give other participants some hoop love – because that’s what it’s all about! We’ve been spinning up the hoop love all month, hooping for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences and transformations along the way too. Every time we do a 30/30 Challenge on Hooping.org, remarkable things always happen and this one promises to be extra special in so many ways. So keep on hooping and tuning in to see for yourself, and thanks for joining us on our 30/30 Hoop Love journey!

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