Hoopie Award Video Honorable Mentions 2017

Hoopie Award Video Honorable Mentions 2017 Hoopie Award Video Honorable Mentions 2017

by Philo Hagen

While most web sites and publications do their big Year End Wrap Ups at the beginning of December, we’ve always waited until the year is actually over. For starters, some really cool stuff can roll out during those final weeks of the year. Then, of course, we also have our annual Hoopie Awards celebration to consider.

The Hoopies are pretty special. There’s something very cool about being recognized by your peers, and there were some truly amazing nominees this year too. That being said, it doesn’t mean our community based awards process is infallible. Sometimes things that were quite popular during the year are met with a certain ambivalence later on. Sometimes things we think were deserving of being much more popular simply weren’t. Does that mean either shouldn’t be acknowledged again though? Absolutely not.

So every year, once the voting for the Hoopies has come to a close, we step inside our hoops, spin ’em in reverse, and take a look back at other noteworthy hooping moments of the past year that are worth revisiting. Let’s begin with our Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions list and greatest hits for video.

Hooping.org’s Top 25 Videos of 2016:

What were our most popular hooping videos of 2016? It’s time to find out and our biggest hit of 2017 came from none other than Denise E. Williams of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Our remaining 25 greatest hits are in order by site popularity.

1. Denise E. Williams Spins Hip Hop Hooping
2. Michelle Bell Hula Hoop Act is a Winner
3. Loki Rickus Spins More Than His Wheels
4. Emi Vauthey Blows Us Away
5. Rachael Lust’s Bag of Hooping Tricks
6. Krystelle Harb Spins Circles in Beirut
7. Freestyle Hoop Dance with Deanne Love
8. Emi Vauthey Hula Hoops
9. Star Wars Hooping with Claire
10. Portland Hooping Community Celebrates
11. We’re Loving Allie T’s New Hooping Demo
12. Melissa Do Rocks Her Local Hoop Jam
13. Tristan Kundrat’s Impressive Hooping Video Debut
14. Pregnant Belly Hooping with Elizabeth Mitchell-Kumpf
15. Josh Philippi’s Whitney Houston Hoop Dance
16. Boston Hoop Troop’s New Hooping Demo
17. Fire and Ice Hooping with Danielle Knustgraichen
18. Karin de Wit Spins Total Magic With This!
19. No Scrubs Hoop Dance with Marianna Hunter
20. Alyssa Glitters Spins Double Fire Hooping
21. Long Way Hoop Dance with Shelby Schnyder
22. Emily Baroody Knocks Our Socks Off
23. Ashley Drumb’s Badass Hooping
24. Buket Rin Spins Twins & Triples
25. Really Big Hula Hoop Time with Wendy Williams

Hoopie Awards Honorable Mentions 2016: Hooping Videos

Beyond this year’s Hoopie Award nominees, and our greatest hits above, here are 25 Hoopie Award Video Honorable Mentions and we want to shine an even brighter spotlight on, starting with Jennifer Dennehy’s hooping tribute to the movie Psycho. How did this get overlooked? Her attention to detail was fantastic, not to mention she’s hooping all three parts including Norman Bates, Mother and the unsuspecting Marion Crane. Check into the Bates Motel for some hooping, then give the rest of these some time, love and attention. They’re listed by artist in alphabetical order.

1. Alisha Donnelly, Rebecca Victoria & Shelby Sue: Watch It
2. Beth Anne: Watch It.
3. Buket Rin: Watch It.
4. Celine Yasista: Watch It.
5. Craig Reid: Watch It.
6. Doce Menos Cuarto: Watch It.
7. Elina Vessonen: Watch It.
8. Firefox: Watch It.
9. Firefox: Watch It.
10. Francesca Valderrama: Watch It.
11. Hannah Carter: Watch It.
12. Helena Hrubesova: Watch It.
13. Henna Matanuska: Watch It.
14. Jasmine Kienne: Watch It.
15. Jennifer Dennehy: Watch It.
16. Katia Kripak: Watch It.
17. Laura Lloreda: Watch It.
18. Moises Olmedo: Watch It.
19. Molly Maybeth: Watch It.
20. Monica Saso: Watch It.
21. Monique Ryan: Watch It.
22. Reni Hardmeier: Watch It.
23. Rewi HoopHooligan: Watch It.
24. Sylvain Julien: Watch It.
25. Tarryn Allan: Watch It.

Tune in tomorrow when we take a closer look at more amazing hooping photography moments of 2016 worth remembering, including our most popular posts, our biggest photos on Instagram, and 25 honorable mention super shots that really rocked our world too. Happy hooping everybody!


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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